Looking At The Lower Leagues
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Everton scouts cover plenty of grounds throughout the country trying to find that diamond in the rough. And if the rumours are right one such player being looked at right now is Tendayi David Darikwa from Chesterfield.

Dave, to his mates, is an attacking midfielder who has made a big impression this season for League Two Chesterfield.

David Moyes has good record plucking players from the lower league, could Dave be another one?

Chesterfield Manager Paul Cook said: "He is a lad we know clubs are looking at, will someone take him soon? That is out of my hands. But certainly as a young player, there will not be many better around the country."

David Moyes said: "It would be great if we were still able to go and buy players. We went and we got people like Tim, Joleon, Andrew Johnson and people like that from the lower leagues in England.

"Lower leagues may not be the right words because at times some of them had played in the Premier League but I think people get the message that we have tried to pick up players from a little bit lower down if we can."


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