Vellios To The Owls?
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We've just received a payphone call from Snouty. Albeit through slurred speech, he said he had been in The Abbey for one or two!

Anyway, he reckons that Everton have offloaded Apostolos Vellios to Sheffield Wednesday!

Now he wasn't sure if it was a loan deal or permanent, then his money ran out.

We will have to wait until the morning until we track him down. He also mumbled something about the Winslow being closed?!

Watch this space.



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Comments about Vellios To The Owls?
Surely Victor would go before Vellios, Velly has can fill in your own views on Big Vic
Ste, Aintree, 8:08 PM 17/08/2012
I think a loan move would be great for Velli. He needs games.
Al, Smoke, 12:56 PM 17/08/2012
You need a degree in Space-time Continuum Mechanics to understand transfer policy of our club. Surely Vellios has [very] bright future at the club. Loan maybe, but never permanent deal.
Michal, Poland, 11:27 AM 17/08/2012
Hope it's only a loan period so he can harness what potential he has. Do like the cut of him from what I have seen so far. I think he can play a bigger part at Goodison if he still wants to better himself and not become disillusioned.
The Obstructed View, Liverpool, 10:17 AM 17/08/2012
I would be happy with a loan deal. I think this may be a good thing for the boy and Everton, he needs match experience and he will get very little at Everton once we buy Mirallas. 12 months on loan playing weekly every week will either make or break him.
Andy, North Wales, 9:14 AM 17/08/2012
The only thing you got right was the Winslow is closed. Vellios looked good last season for the games he got. We have not replaced Arteta yet, but don't buy him back.
Bob, Walton, 9:11 AM 17/08/2012
A short term loan deal might be a good move for Tolos. He seems to score wherever he plays (reserves, international, substitute) and I have no doubt he would be a big hit in L1 or the Championship. Long term though I think he can be a very good Premier League centre forward with Everton. I would be gutted if we had sold him!!!
Drew, Cardiff, 9:08 AM 17/08/2012
Surely not, he's a great player. Hope not - loan maybe.
Kiwi, NZ, 4:52 AM 17/08/2012
I don't think it'll be a permanent thing, even if we bring in Mirallas we'll still need cover for strikers and he's come off the bench and scored some good goals for us. If anything it will be a loan deal so he can be recalled if needs be and that's if he goes at all.
Rob, Wigan, 11:21 PM 16/08/2012
Surely not. He's an extremely promising striker. Would we really sell our young player of the season? Loan possibly.
Mike, Exeter, 11:07 PM 16/08/2012
It got be on loan surely3ikEer
Big Kev, The bar, 11:01 PM 16/08/2012
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