Mustafi May Be Loaned Out
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Everton's bright new hope when we signed him back in 2009 Shkodran Mustafi may be loaned out to Serie A side Palermo this coming season.

Mustafi was hailed as an amazing prospect when Moyesy brought him in from Hamburg two years back. The defender has failed in impressing the Manger enough to keep him at Goodison for this season at least, and a loan deal abroad may help him to kick on in his career.

He has one year left on his current deal, and apart from regular appearances for the rezzies, his only full time outing was as a sub against Bate Borisov in the 2009/10 Europa Cup Group game.

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Comments about Mustafi May Be Loaned Out
Seems odd an Italian team wants to sign a defender, do they know something we dont? If he only has a year left on his contract looks like we could lose him, that would be bad buisness.
Woody, Old Swan, 5:50 PM 25/06/2011
We've no money We have a host of first-class youngsters! Give Mustafi, Rodwell, Barkley, Velios et cetera a run out We do not need Wes Brown and similar others "You can't win anything with kids"; it is our time to prove them all wrong
PW, Ormskirk, 9:09 PM 24/06/2011
Palermo are a decent side and if any team in Serie A is willing to give him games then why can't we?
Tito, Liverpool, 7:59 PM 23/06/2011
If we send him out on loan for the season, we should get him to sign a new contract first! If he has a great season, he can just walk away at the end of it. There was a massive fuss about this kid when we got him, we have invested a lot of money in him...we should be ther club that gets to see a return on that.
Jon, Skipton, 9:29 AM 23/06/2011
Hasn't he come out and said his time at Everton been miserable?
Mark, Wales, 10:46 PM 22/06/2011
If he's only got 1 year left on his contract I can't see him coming back like a new signing he'll probably do one like Gosling!
Tommy R, Fazak, 9:57 PM 22/06/2011
Need too get this kid signed up. No, I've never seen him play, but when we signed him he was "the next German captain" - said by the Germans themselves. We know the Germans make quite good defenders on the whole! So if the Germans are saying that about a young 17 year-old (was he?) you know there's something this kid has got that most other upcoming German defenders haven't! Moyes isnt that stupid though, knows what he's doing. Just please don't let this kid go!
Harry b, liverpool, 9:05 PM 22/06/2011
Er, are we actually going to sign anyone?
holdo, sussex, 3:45 PM 22/06/2011
I truely believe he and Duffy will become stars of the future. I would have really like for them to play some cup games this year, but i guess that's not gonna happen. Mustafi, Duffy, Garbutt and Mcalney look impressive, as well as Vellios and Gueye. I hope youth gets a chance this season. IMWT
Big John, The Madejski Stadium, 3:20 PM 22/06/2011
Good luck to him,let's hope he comes back a better player for the experience and challenges for the 1st team. He'll be like a new signing.
Richie H, Wirral, 3:01 PM 22/06/2011
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