Everton To Give Lukaku More Chances
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Romelu Lukaku is on the back of a few morning papers with rumours of Man Utd wanting him to replace Robin van Persie. 

This on top of criticism from his national team manager, so Everton assistant manager, Graeme Jones has give the big Belgian some encouragement before the season starts.

Rom scored 20 goals last season, but only 10 in the Premier League and Everton want to play to Luka's strengths by playing more balls for the striker to run onto and giving him more chances.

Jonesy said: "Certainly any balls into space, he is world class.

"If we can feed him a little bit more, which will be the idea next season, there will be more goals to come from him.

"With any player, they have strengths and weaknesses, and Rom is more aware of them than anybody else.

"We've spoken quite a lot about his back-to-goal play. It's not something that comes natural to him, even though he has improved this season. Rome wasn't built in a day and it takes time.

"He is a unique footballer, technically and his attitude.

"His mental strength and approach to the game is exceptional.

"We are lucky that we have got a player of that calibre at this football club. We are excited - he has only just turned 22."



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Comments about Everton To Give Lukaku More Chances
Sell him. Tired of all the bullshit with him and Mirallas. Make a profit on them both. Replace them soon as.... Problem solved. Lukaku ain't as good as he thinks he is. Think that's half our problem unsettled changing room
Rich, Plymouth, 8:52 AM 20/06/2015
Or is the laboured build up down to a lack of movement and options from Lukaku??
Toffeefran, Liverpool, 8:11 PM 19/06/2015
Agree with @1 about the laboured build up. It's a double edged sword - laboured build up = not much for Rom to feed off and the RM 'style of play' = a demotivated team.
John T, Bristol, 4:23 PM 19/06/2015
It's nothing we didn't already know,play to his strengths and we will score goals,taking half an hour to create a chance with a very laboured build up just won't help,he's 22 and been with us for 2 seasons now so I'd like to see some improvements,the lad is a beast the sooner he starts putting himself a bit more the better & hopefully develop his hold up play..Just seen on ssn that jags has signed a 1year contract extension good news.
Chris, Seaforth, 2:19 PM 19/06/2015
He got 10 in the premiership, 8 in Europe and 2 in the FA cup. Every team should play to the strengths of their main striker. Don't remember Bob Latchford being asked to play wide too often. At times with our laboured build up even Dixie would struggle to make double figures.
Rob, Liverpool, 10:42 AM 18/06/2015
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