Deulofeu Could Come Back To Everton
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Snouty is camped out at Finch Farm, but although rumours are rife that Gerard Deulofeu is on Merseyside there is no sign of Gerry anywhere.

Both English and Spanish media have reported that Everton are talking to Barca, we understand that if a move was to take place it would be for a permanent move.

The Everton fans would welcome the 21-year-old back to Merseyside for a second time after he impressed during a loan spell in the 2013-14 season.

Deulofeu is back at Barcelona after a season long loan in which he won a Europa League winners medal with Sevilla, but never set the world on fire, playing only 17 times in La Liga scoring just once and being selected in the "Worst team of the season" in Spain. 

Reports that a fee of just £3m maybe the asking price, would be welcome to Everton.

Do you want Gerry back at Goodison? Comment Below. 

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Comments about Deulofeu Could Come Back To Everton
With Rom and Kev, I always have the impression that them scoring is more important to them than a win. I had the same opinion of this fella when he was with us last time, and apparently, things haven't improved.
Trebnik, Ormskirk, 7:41 AM 18/06/2015
Yeah good buy especially if lev leaves bring in Lennon and Dost aswell
Joe, West derby, 1:38 PM 17/06/2015
For that kind money he is well worth a shout (that's half of what we paid Wigan for Traffic!). Different types of players of course and Gerry needs a polish too hopefully be the real deal but, I know given a choice who I'd rather of taken a chance on.
Peter, At Work, 7:58 AM 17/06/2015
No. Too lazy. Does not give 100%. Doesn't track back. Picked in the worst Spanish team of the season. Says it all.
Frank , Vauxhall , 9:46 PM 16/06/2015
Worth a go @ 3m. Would really like Austin though.
Russ J, St End, 9:18 PM 16/06/2015
Great buy at 2-3 million, sell on potential. Remember 2 years ago- the price being quoted was a hell of a lot higher. Not keen on Lennon though. His motivation will be gone once he has a permanent contract
Dave, County Durham, 8:51 PM 16/06/2015
Agreed @2 - go for him and Lennon.
John T, Bristol, 12:48 PM 16/06/2015
Hope he comes and proves his home club wrong. Just got the impression he was maybe a bit homesick last time and wanted to go back. He is still only a young lad. If he starts well I think he will be an asset. If he continues his form from Spain he may sink without trace, but for 3 mill it must be worth a punt.
paul, liverpool, 7:59 AM 16/06/2015
Wingers can always be frustrating either they hold onto the ball too long, can be greedy when they should pass to someone in a better position to score, or their crosses are hit and miss. I would say the same about Deulofeu, he still has a lot to learn and is nowhere near the finished article. That said he has enormous potential, quick feet, lightning pace and as his stock value appears to have gone down with Barca, he could be an absolute steal with his career just starting
LES, CHESHIRE, 8:18 PM 15/06/2015
Get him 100%. Potential to be the worlds best winger.
J, Liverpool, 6:22 PM 15/06/2015
Bring him in. Add the boy Rhodes from Blackburn (twice as good as Ings) and forget the players who can't get a game for their premier league teams or who got relegated.
Steve, Aldershot, 5:52 PM 15/06/2015
Sell Kev Naiths Barry and McGreedy bring in this lad plus Austin. Look out next year
John, Chester, 4:38 PM 15/06/2015
Yes I would welcome him back. He'll have to improve his final delivery though. We can't afford both him and Ross Barkley tooling around after a good build up. The promise is there but they both have to grow up and quickly.
Spectator, Crosby, 9:24 AM 15/06/2015
defo.....good player
rick, st helens, 9:20 AM 15/06/2015
3m is a no brainer ,get Lennon in as well and we have good competition all over the midfield
Ian, Prescot, 9:06 AM 15/06/2015
Would love to see the boy screaming down the left flank again wearing blue.
John, Sydney, 8:14 AM 15/06/2015
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