Everton May Lose McCarthy
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According to some media reports, James McCarthy has told Everton he is looking to leave the club this Summer.

The reason they say is that McCarthy has seen Ross Barkley, John Stones and his good mate, Seamus Coleman sign 4 and 5 year contracts last Summer. 

With Tom Cleverley signing on a reported £50,000 a week contract, McCarthy, meanwhile, remains one of the lowest paid players in Everton's first-team. 

In March 2014, Roberto Martinez said: "We are already thinking about Ross, John Stones, and Seamus.

"I call it the young generation coming through. We want to reward them, even James McCarthy. That is something we will look at this summer. They are players with long-term contracts.

"It is not a decision just to keep them at the club; it just highlights the next step of their development and rewards them for their performances.

"Seamus has got a long-term contract. James has got the same. But we want to reward them.

"The way we work, there is a structure in the salaries and everything goes down to your role at the club.

"James has now gone past the role that he was expected to have. I think that he has become an important member of the squad and that needs to be rewarded in his salary.

"We just want to make sure that we grow together and we need players like Seamus and James.

"We hope that he will feel excited about developing with the football club and I think with the young players we have got in the club - Seamus, Ross, James McCarthy - they are footballers I believe to be of the highest, highest level. We need to grow together."

While Barkley, Stones and Coleman have their contracts, McCarthy has not.

In an interview with Blue Kipper last month Roberto said: "What excites me about next season is what we've got. The players who come in have got to give us that extra bit and make us better. The excitement is what we've got. John Stones, Ross Barkley, Romelu Lukaku, Seamus Coleman and James McCarthy. And then there's the experienced players like Leon Osman, Phil Jagielka, Leighton Baines. There is a real strong group of players. We need to be very precise in what we want to bring in and attract the right player that we need and the right personality. It's not about finances. It's not about money. I'm delighted with the young players we have at the club. We need to bring in a centre half, we need to bring in a playmaker - a number 10, we need to bring in a wide player and maybe another player to increase the numbers in the squad, but with the level to perform."

A source close to McCarthy (According to some media outlets) said: "This is not about money, in no way shape or form.

"It is about respect, and there is little doubting that James and his representatives feel that that Everton have shown him very little in the past 12 months. It is now a matter of principle."

Is this just another agent flexing his muscles or should Everton get a deal done now? What do you think? Comment Below. 

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Comments about Everton May Lose McCarthy
Overated crap with ball at feet,runs around like a headless chicken,15 mill ,a good sell ,an bin Barry we need two good players in our mid that are skillful an put themselves about.
chis, Chester, England, UK, 3:37 AM 16/06/2015
Lots of good stuff mentioned here, but has he forgot that a couple of years ago he was in the gutter he`s king of the world !! where does loyalty begin and end
Jim, Carlisle, 4:30 PM 13/06/2015
Mccarthy is a grafter he runs his socks off but I really do not rate him with the ball at his feet passing not upto much shooting not either apart from that shot against spurs.one hit wonder. If we could get 15 mill plus I would snatch that an try going for someone with a bit more about there all round game. He just doesn't offer enough and hamstring always goes because he puts his body through the headless chicken chasing
John the dog, Huyton , 4:12 PM 12/06/2015
@ no16 (Tom Hartley) You're an idiot
John Wright, Blackpool, 12:35 PM 11/06/2015
If Martinez allows this to happen then he's a bigger idiot than we already take him for. Roberto really needs to work on his appalling man management skills.
Mark, Bucks, 11:01 AM 11/06/2015
None of us know what is behind this talk. Maybe a paper wanting to stir. However, I am sure that RM knows what he is doing around players. And who better to know about their fitness. We are not privy to this, so maybe we should just stay cool till after school guys and wait to see what the outcome is.
Kiwi, NZ, 7:24 AM 11/06/2015
This rumor has been around for some time. If the report is true it once again shows how poor we man manage players. We should have it sorted quick and keep hold of one of our best players.
Woody, Old Swan, 10:41 PM 10/06/2015
McCarthy must been given the contract the club promised him . The club must honour the promise top player must keep him Jimmy Mac ..
Terry, Livetppol, 10:14 PM 10/06/2015
Let's think about this logically; This is a player who has been known to and close to, Martinez for years. RM is therefore most unlikely to 'shaft' him or show him disrespect. The other 'young guns' have been given long term contracts - he has not. McCarthy has been known to have injury problems for some time. Have the EFC medical staff told the manager, that the player has "one of those" injuries - see Michael Owen - i.e. it won't stop him playing; but he'll never quite be 100% effective.
njr1330, Liverpool, 10:01 PM 10/06/2015
Would be a shame to see him go as I think I can speak for "F#*@in ell Bob" when I say we are very very privileged as a club to have him.... OK, jokes a side I think it's easy to predict all this hoo ha is proper RS journalism @ it again
Doug, Liverpool, 9:00 PM 10/06/2015
I would go as far as to say that it would be a travesty if he left. The three players I'd want to leave least are him, Seamus and Stonesy
Dave, County Durham , 8:52 PM 10/06/2015
An excellent midfielder but let's lay off Martinez on this: it's not as if he's actually done anything wrong, is it? The guy below who says the two should sit down and make sure of where they are and what they want is spot on: there's no panic here. If the secret source (NEVER trust a newspaper quote without a name) is serious about 'respect' then Roberto can talk that through with James. If he wants a better deal, we should certainly consider it, but as long as they talk I'm sure that will happen...
Rory O, Brighton, 2:54 PM 10/06/2015
He isn't the first player to speak out about a perceived lack of respect from the manager!! The managers ego could cost us dearly!
Anthony, Cleveleys, 1:33 PM 10/06/2015
Player of the season for me, sign him up. That gimp sayin he wont be missed obviously doesnt go the game!!!
mad dog, bootle, 12:48 PM 10/06/2015
Here we go again. Any chance it was that RS tosser at the Express who started the rumour? If he goes we will get a good price for him,but I think he will want to stay,unless it is an unbelievable offer that is made.
Win, Stafford, 12:40 PM 10/06/2015
No idea how much of this is true. Migjt just be sabre rattling from his agent but it isn't helpful. James strikesme as a level headed, sensible young man. But soccer is a short career and I don't blame him for trying to get the best possible deal. Personally, I think Bobby should have a one on one chat with him and find out what he wants. If it is about respect rather than money, then offer him a five year deal on improved terms. I think the lad is well worth it.
Richard P, Dubai, 12:15 PM 10/06/2015
Daily Mail's story? Remember the one about Baines going to Manure for ?5m. If the player is in the middle of a contract, talks about a new one are not going to be the clubs priority!
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 11:15 AM 10/06/2015
Unfortunately, you've got to cough up if you want to hold on to players - so splash the cash and give him a long term contract.
John T, Bristol, 11:02 AM 10/06/2015
Could it be that his recurring problem of maintaining full fitness is a consideration in the offer of a long term contract? On the other hand, this might also be an issue for other clubs looking to sign him.
Dr Hfuhruhurr, Hull, 9:56 AM 10/06/2015
Over-rated, reminds me of Alex N'yarko. Sell him and bring in Lee cattermole, a proper MAN!
Tom Hartley, Pig Sty, Wazza, 9:37 AM 10/06/2015
Wouldn't like to see him go, as he s one of our better performers, if he does go it should be for at least 25 mill and give it all to Roberto to strengthen
Karl, Wavertree, 9:19 AM 10/06/2015
That is why he signed Cleverly .
Tess Tickle, The Muncaster, Bootle, 7:23 AM 10/06/2015
this is madness of a high order. what on earth has happened to provoke anything remotely resembling this situation? No-one is irreplacable, but on his day this is a very good player indeed. For whom Cleverley is no replacement. At all. By anyone's stretched imagination.
blue, york, 12:20 AM 10/06/2015
Nobody is bigger than the club end of! There's been whispers before of him saying he'd leave, so cash in and show him the door if he wants to get an attitude and sulk because he's only earning 40k a week!!!...just like Mirallas!
Darren, Liverpool, 10:55 PM 9/06/2015
Im happy with cleverly signing but it is a spit in the face he comes in and is on more then Mccarthy. James should be in our top 3 paid players if not highest paid. He's been our best player the last 2 seasons without a doubt.He's the only player who has a good game EVERY week and I have no doubt if he goes we could be a sinking ship. Give him what he wants and the respect he deserves
J, Liverpool , 10:41 PM 9/06/2015
I dont think he has progressed as the manager thought he would. Since that injury in Europa game he seems to have gone further back. So I think it's up to him to get fit physically and mentally and show the manager he is worth an improved contract. His performance in the friendly v England was not that impressive. Is his agent and himself really sure there is a number of top clubs waiting and watching. I hope he gets his finger out and stays.
James , Chester, 9:44 PM 9/06/2015
He's established himself as a very important player for us. Need to get this sorted now!
Trebnik, Ormskirk, 9:36 PM 9/06/2015
Good players stand out when teams are not playing well.......he's not been our worst player this season but has he been that good either?.....I don't think so.
woody, bedworth, 9:32 PM 9/06/2015
A 'source' is quoted - I wouldn't pay much attention to this story. (Although it's true, McCarthy is a vital member of the team.)
Dave, Shrewsbury, 9:15 PM 9/06/2015
We will have to sell to buy. He was missing or playing at half paste most of last season. Perhaps, Bobby thinks his hamstring is a major problem.
Terry, Walton, 9:09 PM 9/06/2015
Not another been got at by the slimey, bloodsucking, parasites, oops I mean agent...surely Matinez must have realised what potentially could happen....doesn't he speak to the players?!?!?!?!?
Wrighty, Dudley, 8:51 PM 9/06/2015
MUST keep hold of James integral part of our team !!
Nudged, St Helen's, 7:58 PM 9/06/2015
There were rumours last season he was on his way. His form was as bad as anyone else too. At that rate he won't be missed if he does move on. Pity but there it is.
Spectator, Crosby, 7:53 PM 9/06/2015
He agreed to join Arsenal months ago
Starkey, Liverpool, 7:39 PM 9/06/2015
It's simple get James McCarthy signed up to a long term contract his performances have earned a new contract
david, isle of man, 6:54 PM 9/06/2015
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