Everton Move For Man Utd Ace
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Is Tom Cleverley the number 10 Roberto Martinez is after?

According to the media Everton have opened talks with Man Utd midfielder.

The 25-year-old has been at Aston Villa on loan and is now out contract and available on a free transfer. 

Roberto Martinez is a great admirer of Tom having managed him at Wigan Athletic in the 2010-11 season.

In 2014 Martinez defended the England international when there was a campaign to oust him from the England squad.

Roberto said: "There are only a few players in this country who have had the sort of education where they look as if they could have been brought up in Holland, Spain or France. 

"Tom is one of them. I just don't understand this campaign, it is not the way to encourage young players.

"Maybe he has been given a bigger role than he should have been given but even so it is ridiculous to put someone so young in the spotlight then knock him down. We as a public are to blame if we allow that to happen. You have to help young players reach a level.

"What has happened is not Tom's fault, I think he is as good a talent as we have in the English game, and he is still growing. You wouldn't get this in other countries, and I find it disappointing that he is being judged so aggressively when he has not even reached 200 games. Such a young player does not need that sort of scrutiny or pressure, but I am sure he will come through it and be even more motivated."

Martinez tried to bring Cleverley to Everton, but Man Utd wanted him to go to Villa.

Roberto said: "It's the parent club that makes that decision. Maybe they just didn't want to send a player on loan to a club that is going to be challenging for things and finished above them last season, I don't know."

Cleverley's former Man Utd team mate Paul Scholes thinks he may end up at Everton.

Paul Scholes said: "I have a feeling that he might go to Everton. I don't know, I don't speak to Tom, but I just get the feeling knowing that he lives in a good distance from Everton's training ground.

"I think Martinez likes him. I think he will suit their style of play. He is a very good footballer, he likes to get forward, he likes to score goals, he is very good in possession."

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Comments about Everton Move For Man Utd Ace
If he pulls on a royal blue jersey he will have my 100% support. But between ourselves, is this not another ordinary player, for our current ordinary team?
Lennie, Wirral, 2:23 PM 5/06/2015
Would be perfect for us. I rate him like for like with Osman now his legs are going. Let's get business done early and prove last season was a one off !!!!
si, liverpool, 9:40 PM 4/06/2015
*6 Agree totally with Jamie on this one. A few years back this deal would be out of the question. Man Utd midfielder, England international, still only 25 and on a free, what more do you want, give the lad a chance !
LES, WINSFORD, 7:23 PM 4/06/2015
He's no better than what we already have at the club - even if he is free.
Pat.S, Southport, 9:30 AM 4/06/2015
Never wanted Gary Ablett but turned out to be more than just a good player for us . So would welcome Cleverly.
Paul, Wirral , 8:54 PM 3/06/2015
I agree we give him a chance to prove himself, but I've never thought of him as anything more than average, like Kone. Hope I'm wrong.
Spectator, Crosby, 12:13 PM 3/06/2015
Went to Villa Park to watch the Blues, talking to Villa fans in the pub they didn't like him at all ,the majority of fans we were talking to wanted him out, that is not to say he wouldn't turn out to be a good signing for us.
Tony, Upper Bullens, 10:45 PM 2/06/2015
We all didn't want Gibson and he turned out to be an influential player for us (in between injuries!), so lets give him a chance and if it doesn't work out we'll make money on transfer fees
Neil, Aigburth, 10:08 PM 2/06/2015
Give the kid a chance . Young free and could do well with Ross and James mc.
Peter gerrard, Huyton, 8:33 PM 2/06/2015
Give the kid a chance . Young free and could do well with Ross and James mcgn
Peter gerrard, Huyton, 8:31 PM 2/06/2015
What is the point in buying shite, we have done enough of that in the past its about time we bought ready made players with proven ability. if we want to challenge for things we cant just keep using the excuse that players can still learn. look at united, they've got a shit manager an had a shite squad, through money at talent and are back in the champions league in a season. im not saying spend ridiculous amounts on ego's i'm just saying invest in some quality.
wade, Warrington, 8:03 PM 2/06/2015
Get your shopping done early this time RM. How about Afobe and Sako from Wolves Van Dijk from Celtic and Fer from QPR. Cleverly why wouldn't he stay at Villa? But if he is free and keen then yes.
tess tickle, The muncaster pub, 4:57 PM 2/06/2015
How many youngish England internationals do you get for free? No brainer. You could argue, due to our injuries last season, we should have paid Manure the ?8m they reportedly wanted from us, but that's hindsight. Evans is the one we don't want!
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 2:08 PM 2/06/2015
I think it would be an excellent signing given his age and previous upbringing etc and I think he'd genuinely improve at Everton and under Martinez. Would love to see Deulofeu too if Lennon doesn't come off. Still think we need another striker aswel as the centre back hes identified. Id have a nibble at Defoe as I reckon Sunderland was just a stop gap inn his mind despite him getting on a bit.
Dave, Town, 1:58 PM 2/06/2015
His loan spell at Villa has done him no harm and the comments from fans compared to last season reflect that. Look he's not a signing to get us excited but it gives the squad some depth and could work out as a very good signing. If we bolster 2 or 3 cheap options we might be in for a big signing, fingers crossed blues. We still have a very good squad if we keep what we already have.
Gazza, widnes, 1:29 PM 2/06/2015
Take him all day! Especially on a free! We need to improve our squad and this kids good! You dont progress through the UTD academy unless you have talent! Good ideal replacement for Ossie whos legs are tiring!
Jamie, Liverpool, 12:15 PM 2/06/2015
He'd out of contract. ..He will be free
Ken.T, Anglesey , 11:25 AM 2/06/2015
Nononononono no! Why do we want to sign mediocre players? I understand he is a young player, but just another pointless beach warmer
Jack, Crosby, 10:29 AM 2/06/2015
Really?? Another slow, backwards passing footballer, havent we got enough of them already.
Steve, Formby, 10:06 AM 2/06/2015
He has gone up in my estimation this (last) season. So long as we pay a fair price for him it's OK.
John T, Bristol, 9:32 AM 2/06/2015
Is he a No 10 then? I don't see him playing there though I do think he is a good player.
Bruiser ray, Donny, 7:32 AM 2/06/2015
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