Distin To Say Goodbye To Everton Fans If He Is Fit
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Sylvain Distin was missing from the Everton End Of Season Awards on Wednesday night. 

Photos appeared on twitter of him attending a knees up in Cannes, so it doesnt seem he was ill.

Roberto said: "We hope he can be fully fit. He's been ill the last few days. If he's fully fit he will get the opportunity to say farewell.

"Sometimes as a manager you have a tough job to make decisions for the good of the team and that happens in every dressing room. What matters is that the team reacts and can perform well and we've seen that a young man in John Stones has used the opportunity in a good way to develop a really strong partnership with Phil Jagielka. That happens.

"You don't haver anything personal with any player - all you want is what's good for the team. Sometimes you have the advantage of being neutral when you make decisions and other times you have to make tough calls. That's part of the manager's job.

"I think we'd all agree it's not been a great season for Sylvain for many reasons but last season he was a top performer. The work he did was there to be seen.

"As a custodian of the football club it's my responsibility to recognise that he has put in five seasons of hard work, to savour that and it's important he gets that tie to be able to give his farewell."

Will Distin get 5 minutes from the bench? Comment Below. 

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Comments about Distin To Say Goodbye To Everton Fans If He Is Fit
Deserved better treatment by Everton management. Good Luck Sylvain,
Crocky, Croxteth, 9:50 AM 27/05/2015
Great servant..great value for money. Deserves a great send off
woody, bedworth, 2:08 PM 24/05/2015
True Blue, gent and roll model. Question of honour now, I'm gutted the way he has been cast out . Time will prove , the unravelling sketch, let's hope Buzz, is back on the coaching or ambassador type roll. Good Luck Buzz.
El Cid, Offshore, 9:04 PM 23/05/2015
Always gave 100% in a royal blue jersey. A class central defender, and a shame he did not arrive at Everton a few years earlier than he did.
Lennie, Wirral, 8:27 PM 23/05/2015
Had great hopes of Sylvain becoming a coach at the club as up to recently appeared to be a model professional with a great attitude and a passion for our club,however something appears to have gone badly wrong in his relationship with Martinez. I for one would like to thank Buzz for his service to our club and wish him well for the future.
Mark, Falkirk, 8:10 PM 22/05/2015
Deserves a send off worthy of his application when it came to wearing the royal blue. Sylvain has been a model professional during his time at Everton and unquestionably merits a grand good bye.Just hope he's there to see that he's admired and respected by his blue hordes. A big MERCI MON AMI..BON VOYAGE.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 4:12 PM 22/05/2015
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