Out Of Contract Garbutt Attracting Clubs
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With Luke Garbutt still not signing a new contract, some media outlets are saying newly-promoted Bournemouth could be in for the 21 year old.

The England Under-21 international is out of contract this Summer and could leave as a free agent. 

Everton could get cash from Bournemouth or let a tribunal set the fee if Luke doesn't sign a new contract. 

Roberto said: "Obviously his situation is something that needs to be solved and I'm sure that is something we will look into in the summer and find a solution.

"Luke Garbutt is one of the prime examples of the focus we have in our academy players. He's been terrific and we are looking forward to having him for many years to come.

"I want him to stay at Everton but in the same way you cannot force players to stay if they don't want to stay. I hope that we can solve it in the summer and work together in that respect. You need to accept what the player feels as well."

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Comments about Out Of Contract Garbutt Attracting Clubs
End of the day it's up to the lad and the club, if he, both (EFC)want it, it will happen. If not then , no ones bigger than the club. Speaking with me ma8 who supports Ferencvaros , and he told me Tuesday this week, PSG going for Mo B? This is genuine from Hungary, I hope this is pure press talk, but the lad has been shafted of late. Let's hope , next year RM cleans his ears and mind and picks the best team week in week out, Europe or not!
El Cid, Offshore, 12:23 AM 8/05/2015
Agree with number 10. Which young players left and reached the potential we thought they would? I can list a string of those who didn't, Gosling just being the most recent... in fact, respect to Rooney, and he is quality, but we thought even more would come of him... Garbutt sign up lad, stay with a club where the fans will love you, respect you and give you the time to develop to your full potential.
Teggs, Sunderland, 11:42 PM 5/05/2015
Dan Gosling situation all over again.Remind me Luke which international team is he playing for.Tell your agent to do one.
joe, stockbridge, 9:47 PM 5/05/2015
As per below, the lad has had a contract offer on the table or while, but has chosen, whether through his agent or not, to leave it unsigned. This could be due to lack of first team football, wandering eyes of a big fat contract while sitting in a reserve team (which some clubs cases may mean an England call up anyway), seeing what happened to Ryan Bertrand (PL team of the year) or just down to the fact that lad has massive ambition - let's not forget he left Leeds quickly enough and announced it on social media before anybody knew about it - if he can do that to Leeds, his club, why could he not do that to Everton? If he goes, he goes
Mike B, Billinge, 5:29 PM 5/05/2015
Well said #16! How this is Martinez's fault when Garbutt has had a contract offers in front of him since the end of September from Everton. Name me one academy player outside of Rooney who has left and gone onto win countless trophies and sustain success in anyone else's first team? Leaving would be a mistake. I know it, you know it and so does Luke. Unfortunately his agent is a smeg.
Acko, Wallasey, 11:30 AM 5/05/2015
#16 Spot on!!! Nobody's mentioned the role of his agent and we all know what nice people they are.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 11:17 AM 5/05/2015
What is it with you fellas blaming Martinez. Everton offered him a contract months ago. Garbutt has not signed it. That's his choice. He is obviously looking to see what other offers comes in before he decides. The same fellas here are moaning at Martinez for this which is stupid and yet they moan at Mirallas for wanting away. Crazy fans. Support your players, manager and team. Up The Toffees
Gus, Walton, 9:33 AM 5/05/2015
This lad has resisted signing all the way. It's a shame, cos he's good and I'd really been hoping, since Peanuts' decline, that Baines would be tried as the left-side of midfield with Garbutt behind him. Not going to happen seemingly and I think Kevin at No 4 has it about right.
bleu, france, 7:55 AM 5/05/2015
'Berto has said he wants to develop Bainsey into a Phil Lahm role. Get a move on and the LB job is Luke's. Forthwith.
Brent, Vancouver, BC, 11:13 PM 4/05/2015
This is ridiculous, after all that hassle to sign him, I feel he's being unreasonable as there is time to progress into the first team and when he does it will be on merit rather than necessity but at the same time the club obviously need to accommodate him a bit, his time will come soon enough and when it does he'll fit into a system that will help him progress he'd be silly to leave
Dave, Preston, 9:03 PM 4/05/2015
What a shame Baines is popping on What a joke hes Englands next best lb
gav, chester, 5:53 PM 4/05/2015
I would be inclined to give him a new contract and if first team football is the issue let him go on loan to one of his suitors .
Paul, Wirral, 5:53 PM 4/05/2015
I hope he stays as he looks a great prospect however if he leaves do be it. Can't name one youngster (Rooney excluded) who has left and proved us wrong. Dan Gosling springs to mind immediately!!!
Michael Plant, Doncaster, 5:32 PM 4/05/2015
It's obvious Martinez wants to sell Garbutt because he states if he doesn't want to play for the club then there's nothing he can do about it........derrrrrrrr! I'd let Martinez go before Garbutt any day. .
Roman, Bolton, 5:08 PM 4/05/2015
Yet another example of awful management, mind you any manager who signs Kone and Alkaraz twice, need I say more!!
Bill, Bebington, 5:06 PM 4/05/2015
Luke has been outstanding every time he has set foot on the field. When he has deputised for Bainsey he was exceptional, and good as Leighton is, he was not missed. Can't agree more that it would be a disgrace not to do everything possible to encourage him to stay.....and if he can not be persuaded, he should ensure he goes to a top team. That will be our loss which we may regret for many years to come.
Neil (SOG), Exeter, 4:52 PM 4/05/2015
Sign him up ASAP, then loan him out to bournemouth or watford for some premier league first team experience for 6 months.
Phil, Stockport, 3:40 PM 4/05/2015
Obviously he'd have to play really well to replace Baines or be patient until he loses form. He's a really good player who will naturally want to play first team football so you can't blame him if he figures he's got better prospects elsewhere. Whether he stays depends on if he can play in another position. Be a great pity if he leaves but you can't please every player every time.
Spectator, Crosby, 2:55 PM 4/05/2015
It will be an absolute disgrace if Luke goes, but I fear his mind is made up. The lad will be top class. I don't believe Martinez has done enough to keep him.
Kevin, Knowsley, 2:47 PM 4/05/2015
Short memories not long since baines was being touted as the best left back in Europe. Let's keep it real one is an established top draw international. One is definitely got potential. Let's not give upon Bainsey just yet.
John, Liverpool, 2:38 PM 4/05/2015
Schoolboy error leaving it so late to sign, anyone could have seen the lads class, I think he could be better than Baines. Massive mistake if he leaves.
Steve, Formby, 2:24 PM 4/05/2015
Schoolboy error leaving it so late to sign, anyone could have seen the lads class, I think he could be better than Baines. Massive mistake if he leaves.
Steve, Formby, 2:21 PM 4/05/2015
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