Everton In The Mix For Congo International
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Some media outlets are saying Everton are in the mix to sign Yannick Bolasie from Crystal Palace this Summer.

Everton, Newcastle Stoke Spurs and the redshite are supposed to be all ready to meet the £15m fee. 

Yan (to his mates) is 25 year-old and his agent is keen the winger to move to a bigger club, but the report says he is keen to stay in London.

The DR Congo international is a talent, as those Everton fans who saw him score against Everton at Goodison can testify.

Would you want Bolasie at Everton? Comment below.  

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Bluekipper says: 
Comments about Everton In The Mix For Congo International
I'd have him,he's got a trick or two up his sleeve is pacey & can find the back of the net as well, price is a bit steep though but if we get rid of a few pointless squad players we might be able to raid the piggy bank a few people have mentioned a trade with mcgeady I'd forgotten he played for us.
chris, liverpool, 12:58 AM 4/05/2015
I'm just not sure about any player for us anymore. Thought Atsu was the shit before he started playing shit for us. Let's get Lennon on a full 1st then we can see where we're at.
doug, confused state, 5:48 PM 3/05/2015
15m for bolasie? you having a laugh? I think that 7m is a fair price and p/ex Mcgeady!
Lewis Connor, North Wales, 6:01 PM 1/05/2015
Yes,without a moments hesitation.Electric pace,trickery and an eye for the net.This sounds good,just hope this rumour doesn't fade away and becomes tomorrows skip contents. Get business done early,fail to prepare,prepare to fail.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 3:11 PM 30/04/2015
I would like us to sign him but ?15m is a bit expensive. Lennon on the right, Bolasie on the left, and Mirallas/Barkley through the middle with Lukaku up top. Not a bad forward line that in my opinion.
alpha1, england, 2:18 PM 30/04/2015
Good pacey player but fee is a bit steep. Rather keep Lennon. I also see that we have an interest in Bayerns Mitchell Weiser. Another good player. Apparently his brother Bud is equally as good but likes a beer or two unfortunately.
Vic, Exiled Blue, Carshalton, 11:57 AM 30/04/2015
15m ? 3 max jesus were do they get these prices from. He's had a decent half season
J, Liverpool, 7:40 PM 29/04/2015
Was up for grabs for 2mil not so long ago
Joe, Mcr, 5:36 PM 29/04/2015
The lads got talent, cant believe that no-one went in for him in the summer?? I would part ex mcgeady and ?10m for him.
Steve , Formby, 4:45 PM 29/04/2015
?15m is a bit steep, but he would be a good replacement for McGeady. Pardew has said he wouldn't let him go for less than ?40m. That gobsh*te is always good for a laugh. Must be "in a different league" to us AGAIN.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 2:46 PM 29/04/2015
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