Bosnian Messi Training With Everton
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It is being reported in Bosnia-Herzegovina that Seid Behram is on a ten day trial at Finch Farm.

The 17 year old plays for FK Zeljeznicar U-19s in Sarajevo and is being hailed as the "Bosnian Messi".

Well the kid is left footed and plays either in midfield, right or left or upfront and already has a sponsorship deal with Nike. So that much is right.

Seid said: "Well first of all it is my great honor to be invited big club like Everton and train here.

"I received an invitation to come here and to train with the first team says that the club is really interested, and as far as transfer services that will be known in the summer, God willing." 

"The conditions for training are phenomenal and which is not hard to get used to.

"Here people live for football, what is most important to me is very pleased with that, it's all about that."

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Comments about Bosnian Messi Training With Everton
Martin Murray the new George Best . What a pity
Pat, Dublin, 7:27 PM 15/04/2015
Seems to be able to pass with incredible accuracy, get him in and see what he can do and move Henen up to the first team before we lose him
baz, warwick, 11:09 PM 12/04/2015
He looks a bit more Molby than Messi!
Ryan, Doha, 4:26 PM 10/04/2015
Why are so many people always so keen to express whatever negative point of view they can conjure up? In the video he looks great. If he looks as good lose up, on trial, when measured against our own young players, then he'd be a fantastic bit of recruitment. I like to see us investing in young talent - there will always be more misses than hits (they don't all train on as you'd hope), but the risk is small and the potential rewards are huge.
Dave, Nannerch, 6:21 AM 10/04/2015
Oh is it that Bargain Dustbin time again?......hmm! Then again, we've done alright with the likes of Coleman, Stones, thingy, and ooh! What's his name....? No, sorry Bill but get your wallet out and slap it on the table....Hard!
Doug, Liverpool, 2:27 PM 9/04/2015
Give the lad a go. I think we need to look more to the eastern european market especially for the younger players, there available cheap, hungry for an opportunity and very technically gifted good players.
J, Liverpool , 11:30 AM 9/04/2015
No pressure with that nickname! We could do with someone to play naturally within 30 yards of Bainesy on the left so I'm up for it. Beware young prot?g?s though - George Green (new Rooney), and for those of us old enough to remember Martin Murray (new George Best). Let the lad develop in his own way if he does come.
Rob, Liverpool, 11:02 AM 9/04/2015
Actually, the playes on the video he plays against, are older than him :)
Dragon, Sarajevo, 8:35 AM 9/04/2015
God Willing
Jonny Gordon, Luton, 12:55 AM 9/04/2015
From his Youtube clip ( sorry never got the hang of inserting videos to emails . Still haven't got me head round Paddington Bear being 3 dimensional in a 2 d world ) seems very left footed although good. Although appears to be playing against very moderate opposition of a younger age group.
Paul, Wirral, 11:32 PM 8/04/2015
We'll probably leave it far too long to make a decision, he'll get signed by Olympiakos then we'll loan him for a season and play him in the Under 19's. Nah, as if that would ever happen...
Jon, Leeds, 6:44 PM 8/04/2015
Think that's a bit unfair burdening Seid with the majesty of Leo Messi,should start him off with Denis Stracqualursi and take it from there.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 4:58 PM 8/04/2015
He used the word 'phenomenal' Bobby will sign him on that basis alone
Flemoefc, Liverpool, 4:53 PM 8/04/2015
Rather a Bosnian Messi than a messy Bosnian
Willy, Eckerslyke, 4:31 PM 8/04/2015
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