Six Million For Lennon
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Everton will have to stump up around £6m for Aaron Lennon, according to some media outlets.

It's not a lot in these days of multi million TV money flying around.

Everton defender John Stones is keen on the 27 year old.

John Stones said: "I'd be frightened playing against him Lennon with his pace.

"He was brilliant again and he took his goal well - even if some of us think he shanked it!

"It's part of his game to work back and work for the team. He loves it, and he helped us out a lot at the back. But he also has plenty of talent going forward."

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Comments about Six Million For Lennon
Six million is about right if he can keep up his form. Spurs fans say his problem is inconsistency.
Spectator, Crosby, 12:55 PM 31/03/2015
An absolute bargain in todays over inflated market. If he does become surplus to requirement next season then he can be flogged off to desperate relegation candidates at a 300% profit - so win win.
John T, Bristol, 10:32 AM 31/03/2015
?6m doesn't sound too bad at all he looked well and truly made up when he scored at QPR and like stones said he's more than capable of tracking back if Mirrales does decide to bugger off we'd get decent money for him maybe that'll help bring this Ayew in as for atsu don't think he's staying and as for mcgeady Martinez will probably keep him but what good that'll do us I don't know.
chris, seaforth, 4:03 PM 25/03/2015
I see where you're coming from Doug#4 but I would expect us to value Mirallas at more than 6 million. In an ideal world it would be great to have both of them next season.
Vic, Exiled Blue, Carshalton, 11:56 AM 25/03/2015
6 million for Lennon is a steal.. Miles better than Townsend and Lamela put together so no idea why we're selling him and keeping them two. Also he is a big game player, scored more goals against arsenal than anyone else.
THFChris, London, 1:33 AM 25/03/2015
6m for Lennon is a no brainer.He is linking up brilliantly with Coleman,has pace to burn,has great trickery and tracks back.He is a great team player with great flicks to our players.A great BIG YES to me.
tony, lancashire, 7:15 PM 24/03/2015
I'd do a direct swap for him with our very own Monsieur Galactico Wantaway!
Doug, Liverpool , 6:43 PM 24/03/2015
#1 There will be plenty of room for him in our squad when Miralles, McGeady, and Atsu have gone.
Will, City Centre, 5:21 PM 24/03/2015
Based on his current performances 6m is a good deal, hopefully we already have some agreement in place for this. We need a few players though.
Phil, Preston Brook, 11:02 AM 24/03/2015
I know he's playing well for us and 6m is almost too good a price to say no to these days... but I think someone who is far more direct like Deulofeu is the type of player we need to move us forward. If we also get this Ayew on a free I don't see where there'd be room for Lennon.
David, Swansea, 7:58 AM 24/03/2015
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