Transfer Deadline Day - Januzaj To Everton
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Snouty is hiding in one of Jimmy Martin's kit skips at Finch Farm, but has seen no sign of Man Utd's Adnan Januzaj.

Januzaj has found it hard to get a regular starting spot for Louis van Gaal and it could be that the 19 year old goes out on loan. Everton and PSG are reported to be interested if Man Utd agree to a loan deal.

Ade (to his mates) apparently played well in the 3-1 win over Leicester at the weekend, so if he was to go out on loan it would be some turn around by van Gaal.

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Comments about Transfer Deadline Day - Januzaj To Everton
swap him for turn coat Kev who looked like he did not want to be here in our last game against Palace.
big John, west derby, 3:40 PM 2/02/2015
Forget the Janusaj news - couldn't agree more with JC. Why should we improve him ? Other news today amused me more. Samuel - remember that 'phenomenal' servant to Everton? Well apparently he was due for a double training session today at Sampdoria. Didn't fancy it so buggered off to his home in Milan. Sampdoria officials tried to chase him but with no luck. Glad to get shot methinks in spite of the Burnley game.
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hampshire, 3:38 PM 2/02/2015
Don't understand how Martinez says he's happy with the squad and won't make any additions in this transfer market. The team is weak, poor at creating chances, squad is thin pienaar gone, osman supposedly can't get over his injury, Barkley playing out of position, defence has been leaking goals all season(with the exception of palace). We need fresh blood, don't want januzaj, would love us to sigh konoplyanka and El sheerwarry who we have been linked with in the past few weeks however really worried that we won't sign anyone and are season will be over. We will be lucky to finish in top half if we keep creating nothing. Passing game is awful this season. RM sign players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #inmuchneedoffreshblood
Needfreshblood, Lpool, 3:23 PM 2/02/2015
#3 Spot on. If he can't get in their team, what makes him good enough to get in ours? The days of Manc cast offs are over.
Rhodris-dad, Rhyl, 2:36 PM 2/02/2015
Don't see the point in Everton giving him Prem experience, blocking opportunities for our own youngsters, so that he can go back to United a better player at end of season.
John Crowe, Crosby, 2:15 PM 2/02/2015
Yeah, this one ain't happening, sadly.
Ryan, Bournemouth, 2:02 PM 2/02/2015
Yes , yes and yes again. But play him FFS if it happens. On the wing. Getting quick ball into the box (opposition box that is) Go for it or Gerry if he's available
Phil, Preston, 1:44 PM 2/02/2015
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