Everton Eye Scottish Pair
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Everton have sent scouts to keep an eye on promising Alloa Athletic teenagers, Scott Hynd and Russell McLean.

Alloa's youth coach Graeme Liveston said: "Scott Hynd has been on the Everton radar for a while now and he must've activated the process, but they have also shown interest in Russell McLean as well.

"He has come back from a trial down at Coventry City. He was there for a week and I've had reports that he did very well and they remain interested in him. The problem for Russell is he is right in the middle of six highers so he will probably have to wait until the summer, but it proves how highly he is rated.

"Everton weren't sending a Scottish scout, but one of their top men so they have clearly been keeping tabs on them for a while." 

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Comments about Everton Eye Scottish Pair
No problem in buying quality youth. But we need a few first teamers as priority.
Kieron, London, 9:10 AM 2/02/2015
Never heard of them need to aim a bit higher
andy, Aberdeen, 10:14 AM 31/01/2015
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