Martinez Still Looking For Players
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With the transfer window ready to close next week at 11.00pm on Monday 2nd Feb, the rumours are flying around.

Roberto Martinez is still looking for a goalkeeper and would like another skillful midfielder to replace the injured Steven Pienaar and Leon Osman. 

With another classy player, Samuel Eto'o leaving too, it may persuade the Everton manager to bring someone in in January.

Martinez is keen to stress that the best players are usually not available until the Summer.

Roberto said: "January is not the place to find solutions. Our moment of form, we want to change, but the solutions are in the squad.

"There are players coming back from injury to create the competition in the squad and I don't feel it is the window to bring solutions for us.

"With Arouna Kone being fully fit, I see him as a replacement for Samuel's position and it is more about trying to get the players back from injury.

"Steven Pienaar and Leon Osman have been two players missing throughout the season which has been disappointing because they are important in the way we want to play.

"Leon played in every single game last season and we miss what he brings. So I am looking around that.

"We are always working and if we can do something to help the players we have got at the club then we will do something. But what's clear is that January is not very straightforward.

"You never get value for money, first and foremost, and you will not get players you have been following for a long time. And if you want to rely on January to find solutions for your season then it is a big gamble. But we will carry on working." 

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Comments about Martinez Still Looking For Players
What has Naismith got to do with the other players that performed so well last season ..for most of it anyway..that in him at least he is giving his all. Whilst some others are there for a fuckin stroll. Can,t just nail it down on any one player ,the whole set/up about how we play has to be questioned and answers found double quick .
doug, tenerife, 9:00 PM 29/01/2015
If Robbie needs to rely on Pienaar and Osman then we are doomed. Both great servants but now past their sell by date. That leaves us with Naismith. What team above us would employ him and guarantee 90 minutes every game on top of an extended contract three year contract. At least Moyes never played him.
Chris, Widnes, 7:25 PM 29/01/2015
The young lads Stones, Garbutt and Barkley have all looked half-decent when they've been given a chance. How about a bit of pitch-time for Browning and McAleny? If they're good enough, play them, else if not why are they on the books? Ryan Ledson is obviously also highly-rated, so let's see him coming off the bench into the proper line-up, rather than the mix-and-match midfield against Krasnodar. Jones, Dowell and Long all looked promising in that game too.
John Crowe, Crosby, 3:07 PM 29/01/2015
Bleu#5. If you watched Sam's last match performance, you would realize that Kone IS a replacement for him. Oh and McCarthy came from Wigan....do you want rid of him? We won't buy anyone unless it's been planned well in advance. We have not the Wonga to panic buy and upset the business plan. Can we all STOP the mass hysteria. Yes, I know current form is piss poor, but maybe we should put the effort into supporting the team instead of slagging them and the manager off, at every opportunity.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 12:10 PM 29/01/2015
I'm officially worried if our manager believes a fully fit Kone is a genuine replacement for Sam. That's barking. Like saying Alcaraz, with the turning circle of an oil-tanker is a Premiership centre-half. Like bringing in the whole of Wigan's coaching team and turning us into Wigan. Pretty and soft. Won't do. Can't do. Plan B, please. Steel.
bleu, france, 8:50 AM 29/01/2015
Let's get a tall fast centre half. And a midfielder who can pass a ball. fORWARDS. But like Robbie I have,nt Got a clue were we will get them with tokens.
scousegeordie, northumberland, 6:47 PM 28/01/2015
"You never get value for money, first and foremost" is he on the wind or what?! Have we had value for money with this season's performances!! It's so apparent that we need a centre half, a winger and a forward! He's a head-the ball!!!
Jon, Jersey, 6:28 PM 28/01/2015
I believe nothing on transfers until they have signed.
Spectator, Crosby, 5:18 PM 28/01/2015
For fuck sake buy a quality centre half.....
CD, Earth, 2:57 PM 28/01/2015
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