Seamus On United Hit List
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The papers are full of Seamus to United talk.

Would Everton take a bid of say £25m from United?

Seamus is one of if not the best right backs in the Premiership. He has a few injuries this season and hasn't hit the heights of last season.

As Neil Diamond sings "Money talks"

Would you accept a big bid from United? Would Seamus want to go?


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Comments about Seamus On United Hit List
Definitely not sell no young talent. whoever the manager may be at Everton should be looking to build a good young side around the young talent already at club.tell clubs hovering round the team to F off as it creates instability.(if he goes i'm next attitude).EFC should cease being a retirement home for dads army and stop going round like a beggar for players on loan and start to harness our own young talent.also mark blue3 correct what's the point replacing good players with rubbish.
G, Dublin, 11:36 PM 29/12/2014
Thanks to Roberto Martinez and our recent form any of our top players will now be there for the taking when the big money clubs come calling.
Dave, Auckland NZ, 10:40 PM 29/12/2014
I'd rather see Barkley go as at least Coleman has proved how good he is yet Ross just flatters to deceive. What he was trying to do for the 3rd goal yesterday god only knows and looks like a park pub player
Harvey, Coventry, 7:49 PM 29/12/2014
If the cash is £25 mil then NO. Look wat RM bought for 28 mil and he's a far better footballer than lukaku and will probably score more goals than him this season even though he's a defender. On the subject of that pitiful striker, who in their right mind smiles and hugs opponents at the final whistle when you have just been beaten yet again. Fucking disgraceful LUKAKU
Markblue3, Huyton, 6:44 PM 29/12/2014
The way we are playing at the moment, you couldn't blame him for trying to find an escape route. I don't buy this "he's had his head turned" nonsense though - he clearly isn't playing with as much confidence as he was last season, that's all...and that's no surprise, given the dour results.
Jon, Leeds, 5:22 PM 29/12/2014
I'd suspect if you asked him months ago he wouldn't have even considered it, but after last 6 weeks I'd suspect he'd now go. At Southampton I watched him and his body language that day showed he was totally unimpressed with the garbage around him. Eto and Barkley didn't ever use him and tried to play it through a massed centre.
Mike Oates, South Coast, 12:13 PM 29/12/2014
No,i don't want him to go,and yes his form as been patchy,but it's the same old scene with us,bigger clubs will always more or less get there man,plus they are generally in a better place to secure a trophy or two,and the appeal of Champions league football.If a player is going to juggle two or three other avenues of alternative employment,the odds are,they won't be hanging around for a testimonial.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 12:08 PM 29/12/2014
I heard a while back that Chelsea had been in touch and it was a 'done deal'- so now united? wouldn't surprise me though, he definitely has not been playing at his best, head looks like its turned to me.
Steve, Formby, 11:59 AM 29/12/2014
Probably been got at like Fellaini and Baines was got at. The way he's played this season I'd snatch their hand off for £25 million. I hope he doesn't go but if he does he'll be as relevant to us as Fellaini is now. He might also end up on the bench more than he thinks.
Spectator, Crosby, 11:48 AM 29/12/2014
Not been himself has our Seamus,don't know if he's already had his head turned? If they want him they got to pay top money for him and not player/cash deal.
daz.m, st.helens, 10:26 AM 29/12/2014
Not been himself has our Seamus,don't know if he's already had his head turned? If they want him they got to pay top money for him and not player/cash deal.
daz.m, st.helens, 10:26 AM 29/12/2014
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