Poyet Ready To Leave Brighton
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With a few big bets coming in for Brighton manager, Gus Poyet, his price in the betting stakes as the new Everton manager has shortened.

Brighton got knocked out of the Championship play-off semi-final by Crystal Palace last night and the former Uruguayan international wasn't happy.

Gus said: "I've not been in this situation but I don't like it.

"It's changed my view completely about everything I was prepared for, so we'll see now.

"I have always said that all the time we keep improving I am going to be at this football club and the day we hit the roof, I'm not.

"Is there something more? Right now I don't know, so I need to make sure I know there is, because if not I am not going to stay forever."

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Comments about Poyet Ready To Leave Brighton
If we could get him, I would like Michael Laudrup to be the new manager. He does have experience in Europe through previous clubs that he has been the manager of and I really think that he would do well for us. Surely Phil Neville will be made part of the backroom staff, if he doesn't become assistant manager to David Moyes. By the way Seagull, Nottingham you are as bad as the Wigan chairman! We are not a small club - we are a big club!!
Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire, 1:36 PM 15/05/2013
As we all know be careful what you wish for. Gus aint yet got the honed proven edge a manager taking on the challenge at EFC requires. Martinez plays great footy -school of science mode but also his goals conceded record, must take some beating over the last few years at Wigan. So I aint sure but for me this eliminates them from the mix, but thats only my view.. I sense McKay and Lennon may ascend the bookies favourites list but BK and the board must not be reckless, theres a great deal of good work to maintain and move on to the next stage, but we must keep our boot room staff in tact. Im keen to see what happens on Sunday, at Chelski, and then afterwards the shite hawks will be on over time saying which players are going... They never fail to miss a chance . Lets hope BK and the board do the business sooner than later and we can move on with fresh hopes for the prea season.."Whats Our Name?"
El Cid, Offshore, 9:43 PM 14/05/2013
i am a blue nose living in brighton, Gus has had a great season playing similar football to Swansea- however he is not right for Everton at this moment in time, he has brought well but a only with a SPANISH CONNECTIONS - he is still leaning the game and i fear he would not understand the passion and the history of this Dear Club. He hinted locally only the other month he wanted to go back to Leeds Utd at some time !. However to be fair he has not mentioned efc at all ! LAUDRUP FOR ME 1
jon, brighton sussex, 8:21 PM 14/05/2013
Slaven Bilić would be my pick, imagine him then stubbs, ferguson, david weir and steve round as backroom staff. Martinez barely keeps wigan safe every year, Laudrup only stays short periods of time at clubs before he moves on
mike , Flint, 8:08 PM 14/05/2013
Would not be too disappointed with his appointment although I would rather we went for either Laudrup or Pereira. Both are already successful, especially Pereira who has won titles with Porto and he is my favourite candidate
alpha1, England, 7:57 PM 14/05/2013
Poyet is a stupid choice. If hypothetically he did take the job and was successful, he'd be off to Chelsea within a few years.
Steve, Chester, 7:47 PM 14/05/2013
Oh come on guys! Why would he want to go to a to such a small club? What would be the point? He would never get the money to feed his ambitions from Everton.
Seagull, Nottingham, 6:47 PM 14/05/2013
Gus seems like a nice fella, but not really what we need. We certainly dont need Martinez, as he has never finished higher than 15th (Fact), he doesnt have anything to offer us at all. Duncan is the Man, and Billy Kenwright just needs the Bottle to put him in there. Every manager has to gain experience in his first job and Duncan is every inch an Everton legend . "We brought him back from Newcastle cos Everton is his home, and the place that he was meant to be" Your words Billy, not Ours !!. Get him Signed, cos we all know that it is meant to be. COYB
baz, warwick, 6:47 PM 14/05/2013
Definitely not good enough, he wouldn't last as long as Mike Walker. Brighton never recover once they go a goal down. The second leg of the play off against Palace was a prime example. When Palace scored, the Seagulls had no idea of how to get back into the game, and proceeded to concede a second goal. His tactics are naieve, and he would probably want to bring that ace gobsh*te Mauricio Taricco with him. The guy shows a distinct lack of class, witnessed by his constant support of the racist rat. Best left well alone!
Ron, Blueville, 6:07 PM 14/05/2013
Would not be my choice. Mckay would be the only one from the Championship id be interested in....a few good managers have tried and failed to win promotion with Cardiff and he has done it. Its the only real success any champ manager has had. We need someone like Moyes and Mckay fits the bill Id be happy with Martinez, Laudrup or Mckay Not Lennon and nobody who has never managed before (that would be ridiculous!)
Huge Goose, Broadmoor, 5:59 PM 14/05/2013
Things have gone well for him because Brighton got a new ground and more money. He was on the crest of a wave that has now ebbed away, so I don't think he's the right choice. Maybe he'll be ready some time in the future. Too much of a gamble. I think we need to look higher.
Spectator, Crosby, 5:39 PM 14/05/2013
Too inexperienced, we're a different proposition from when Moyes took over. Its too much of a risk bringing someone like him in, it could destroy years of hard work. plus he's always backing that piece of shite suarez when hes up to his usual tricks
joe, liverpool, 5:27 PM 14/05/2013
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