Bafana Bafana Boy To Goodison?
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Steven Pienaar's mate and fellow Bafana Bafana boy, Daylon Classen (Different to his mates) is currently training with Everton at Finch Farm.

The 23 year old central midfielder has recently been released by Belgian club Leirse and Daylon is on the lookout for a new club. He has played 7 times for South Africa.

He will be out to impress Moyesy and keep Peanuts company around town. However, despite rumours, a deal looks unlikely according to Classen's agent Rob Moore even though Daylon is available on a free.

Snouty has gone to ground but even so, this one looks unlikely. Watch this space.


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Comments about Bafana Bafana Boy To Goodison?
23 must be either his waist measurement, or the number of times he's had his nose broken!!
njr1330, Liverpool , 11:43 AM 3/05/2013
Kev from Walton....what planet are you on?
Luke, Liverpool, 10:23 AM 3/05/2013
He was "released" by his last club? is this the sum total of our ambition for next year ..... by signing yet more no marks? I thought we'd moved on from the 'make do & mend" days and as if putting up with Piennaar wasnt bad enough, we certainly wont be winning anything with TWO crap S.Africans in the side.... face facts here, bafana bafana are sh!te, so do the decent thing & show him the door.
kev, walton, 3:26 PM 1/05/2013
Just seen this fella on the internet - looks like the next Fellaini - the haircut that is. If he's 23 then Yakubu's still about 26!!!! COYB
Preki, Work, 2:27 PM 1/05/2013
A 23 year old South African international currently training with us available on a free and it looks unlikely we'll sign him????!!!!???!!!!! WWWWHHHHHHYYYYYY not? He's either shit, unlikely if he's an international at 23, yes I agree SA aren't Brazil but they are still half decent. Or he want too much cash, surely not?
Paul, Bacup, 1:55 PM 1/05/2013
The fact that Moyes is trialing new players, make you think that he must not be leaving at the end of the season, The only other scenario i could see , is maybe Weir or Stubbs are taking over & Mr Moyes is helping our new manager find there feet,....Just saying like
LovJoy, Mossley Hill, 1:25 PM 1/05/2013
Has anyone checked his birth certificate? I know African dates of birth can be iffy but 23? Looks more like 53.
Rob, Liverpool, 12:34 PM 1/05/2013
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