Arteta Wants Arsenal Move - Deal Back On
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Apparently Arteta has reduced his wage demands and now wants to leave to go to Arsenal. So the deal is back on.

Don't you just love the transfer window.

Only at Everton ey?

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Comments about Arteta Wants Arsenal Move - Deal Back On
Thinks its ironic, that Arteta is out for a year injured comes back for 3 months and is average at best...then City look to buy him last season for 22 million, we then give him a pay rise to £75,000 a week to keep him.Pienaar who with Baines had been our best 2 players for 18 months, asks for a pay rise to £70,000 a week, we let him go for buttons. We then need to cut the wage bill and can't afford Arteta's wages so he takes a £10,000 pay cut to leave who the fk agreed to pay him that much in the first place...good riddance you over rated bluff...
Ian H, Walton, 6:54 PM 2/09/2011
Thinks it's ironic that Arteta is out for a year injured, comes back for 3 months and is average at best...then City look to buy him last season for 22 million, we then give him a pay rise to £75,000 a week to keep him.Pienaar who with Baines had been our best 2 players for 18 months, asks for a pay rise to £70,000 a week, we let him go for buttons. We then need to cut the wage bill and can't afford Arteta's wages so he takes a £10,000 pay cut to leave who tagreed to pay him that much in the first place?
Ian H, Walton, 6:54 PM 2/09/2011
If you had a house a wife and two kids and you couldn't pay the mortgage, if the bank came knocking would you sell your Ferrari or say no I'm keeping it and I'm going to live in the boot on the street with my missus and kids?? Gutted he's gone but if things are as bad as are being suggested I would rather stabilize than risk everything. Those criticising Moyes and Bill need to get a grip. Blue Worm - couldn't agree more mate. We will get over it
Bemused , Bemused Land, 5:45 PM 2/09/2011
I'm fuming with Arteta saying keep our best players all summer then legs it for a couple of CL games.
Bobbytron, Old Swan, 5:26 PM 2/09/2011
Gutted! our best player leaves to a team on the slide, who we should be trying to catch up with. He will be a great player for Arsenal. He got his form back second half of last season and now fully recovered from his injury, aged 29, he will now be at his peak this season.....Now lets move on and get behind the players, every last one of them.
Alan Smith, Dovecot, 4:52 PM 2/09/2011
I think this is a deal that suits everyone. I think Arteta will be a success at Arsenal, they play a brand of football that will suit him. He was becoming stale at Everton and I think we'd have struggled to get the best out of him. The deal also leaves the club financially healthier. Could Royston and Denis be stars? You never know!
Syd Barret, Space, 4:06 PM 2/09/2011
He has had 2 good games in the last 2 seasons, another season like last and we all would have been pissed off at the fact that he gets 75k a week. He was good in his day, but that was a few years ago now.
Nicky Ryan, Crosby, 3:57 PM 2/09/2011
I can fully understand people being gutted that he's gone, but let's be honest he has'nt been the same player for the last two seasons. At least now Baines can take free kicks and corners and put some great deliveries into the box instead of seeing average ones. No more free kicks hitting the wall and no more corners hitting the near post every time. Been a great servant but I think we've seen the best of him and with Drenthe coming in I'm not gonna complain. 10 mill however is probably not enough for him.
Dave, Wirral, 2:55 PM 2/09/2011
Who cares? He's being poor for two seasons, unable to beat the first man with free kicks and corners. Good luck to him. 10m is good money. I only hope we can secure Felli on a longer contract but I somehow doubt it. Perhaps Rodwell will benefit?
Ronnie, Shrewsbury, 2:26 PM 2/09/2011
Can't really blame him, though his talk of loving the club/fans a year ago, now seems a bit shallow. He was our best player of the last 10 years and wanting to play on the big stage is no great sin at this stage of his carrer. Good luck to him, but I AM gutted to see him go and would have loved him to have turned his form round and shine again in a blue shirt. Think Arsenal's system will suit him, so it'll be interesting to see how he gets on. Thanks for the memories.
Paul Newton, Bootle, 2:23 PM 2/09/2011
I really miss the man. Genuinely I well up every time I think of it!
Marty Slevin, Dublin, 1:24 PM 2/09/2011
It's a bad blow for us due to the number of players we now have, but I think Arsenal supporters are in for a shock when they see him play. When was the last time he missed the first defender with a cross or the wall with a free kick? Baines will be happy to be on the ball now and lets face it, we have performed better in the last 2 seasons when he has been out injured.
Gary G, Huyton, 11:15 PM 31/08/2011
Agree with the earlier post. Good deal for a player who is past his best but has been a great servant. Fair play to him. National media are a joke, acting like we've lost our saviour. Did they watch us last season?
Blue Worm, Wigan, 10:48 PM 31/08/2011
It would be nice to think that Arteta could resurect his career at Goodison but it ain't gonna happen. We got the best there was and in all liklihood he will be nothing more than a bench warmer at Arsenal.
Blob the Blilder, Blobistan , 10:45 PM 31/08/2011
Jelavic or Donovan anyone?
Lewis, McGeorge, 10:39 PM 31/08/2011
My sons 5th birthday was Sunday... his present was EFC home kit with 10-Arteta on back. He will be gutted in the morning. Will EFC refund this???
Dave, Wrexham, 10:39 PM 31/08/2011
A sad time to be a blue. If the Arteta deal goes through, with the Beckford, Yakubu deals too I believe we'll lose another too, either Felli or Rodwell. I doubt we'll buy before the window shuts and the money will disappear before January and we'll lose another player then too. We have become a joke with regards our spending power. Dark days ahead. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum is a distant memory in the corridors of Goodison. I won't be surprised to see Moyes walk soon I can't blame him. Nsno
Ian A, N. Yorks, 10:36 PM 31/08/2011
A lot of people seem to think this is good. To me our squad has been seriously weakened this window and this season looks like a real struggle and I can't see how this will help us persuade Felli, Baines etc this is the place to be. Our support at Blackburn was as quiet as I can remember. We all have to get behind the players whatever we think of the board.
Tim, cheshire, 10:33 PM 31/08/2011
Thanks for the memories Mikky, you've given us some fantastic ones and have been a great player for us. £10m for a 29 year old who cost £2m represents good business and getting him off the wage bill should ease the pressure on us from the banks. Just a shame we have no real replacement and no time to get one.
Rob, Wigan, 10:23 PM 31/08/2011
£10m Arteta ........ Not a bad deal that. Any news on Denis or Drenth?
Spot, Belfast, 10:23 PM 31/08/2011
"Blue Bill"......FFS. Don't make me laugh.
Andy, Ellesmere Port, 10:21 PM 31/08/2011
Sneek, asking for a move. Not like Jags. Proven he has no respect for the club, leaving us when we need him most. You owed us another season Mikel, Ive had your name on my shirt for the past 4 years- I would have accepted it if you decided you wanted to go home to Spain, but to leave for the Arse is unforgivable. No-one is bigger than the club. IMWT. Good riddance
Dave, Co Durham, 10:20 PM 31/08/2011
Arteta has been below his standard for 18 months, would rather lose him than Baines/Jags/Fella. We all knew we would have to sell because of the bank, just a shame its last we could have got some loan players in on the £75k a week we save from Arteta. Comment No 2 - what has it to do with Moyes?...get a grip.
Dave, Everton, 10:20 PM 31/08/2011
Genuinely don't mind. He has been an excellent servant for the club, and let's be fair we've had the best years of his career. The guy wants one last crack at the big time, ie Europe. £10m plus £70k a week off the wage bill...sorry to say it but in our position we would be daft to turn it down. Ross Barkley to be CM next game, pulling the strings like Mikky used to! COYB!
Jon, Leeds, 10:18 PM 31/08/2011
Blood the kids Moyesy. Pay off the bank and tell them to stick it in future.
Phil G, Woolton, 10:15 PM 31/08/2011
Cash in on him, he's been out of form for ages.
Pip, Wirral, 10:14 PM 31/08/2011
If he wants to go, good ridance but 10 mil is a joke. Typical
Moosey, Stortford, 10:11 PM 31/08/2011
Seriously gutted
Mike B, Watching the TV, 10:10 PM 31/08/2011
If Arsenal had come in with a serious offer at the start of the window (when they should have sold Nasri and Fabregas) then it might have been a good deal for us. To try and nick him at the last moment hoping we are desperate enough to sell is just cheeky. I hope Mikel decides to stay and regain his form but football is a cut throat game. The one trump card we have is he is as likely to win trophies with us as he is with Arsenal!
Drew, Cardiff, 10:08 PM 31/08/2011
Absolute disgrace this.......... we get rid of two below average strikers and then Arteta!!!!! Thanks BK and DM!!!! Now we have no creative player and nobody for the weak midfield we have to supply the ball to cos Saha is gonna really stay fit for us all season!!!!!! Complete joke, and if Everton was my wife, I would of divorced years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fear a long cold stormy winter and the way this club is being run is a bloody joke!!!!!!!
Alan, Warrington, 10:07 PM 31/08/2011
Good luck Arteta, thanks for the memories. That night against Fiorentina you were unplayable. x
DJ, Wigan, 10:04 PM 31/08/2011
Ian grindley, Home, 10:03 PM 31/08/2011
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