Martinez On - Fitness Levels - Critical Fans - Scotland Preseason
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Blue Kipper met Roberto Martinez at the first team canteen at Finch Farm for a coffee and a chat. Like the other interviews we've had with Martinez, it was a very laid back affair.

Kipper represented Blue Kipper. Also around the table were Graham from When Skies are Grey, Si from NSNO, Neil and Joe from SOS1878, Paul from Toffeeweb, Barry from Toffee TV and Ped from Followtonians.

The questions were asked by all the group, and some questions were duplicated, so I've edited into two parts as it was such a long interview, so that nothing is missed.

It lasted for an hour and a half. Thanks to Brian Doogan from Everton for arranging the interview. 

Blue Kipper: Its been 20 years since we won a trophy. Most people think the League Cup is easier trophy to go for, but you put out a weakened team against Swansea and got beat. I know you need to give the likes of Luke Garbutt a game, but will you put out a full team in the future?

Roberto: "I think its a very good point, but the truth is that every team I put out I expect to win. I didn't expect to lose the Swansea game. The truth is the Swansea game was a poor performance. When we have a squad like we have, I expect them to be ready to win the football game. Next season will be different when we play the Carling Cup. My problem was certain players that day didn't perform. The line-up wasn't an excuse. Remember we had Tim Howard in goal. We had Samuel Eto'o and Romelu Lukaku playing 45 minutes each. That was the arrangement, but everybody else, apart from Luke Garbutt, were full internationals. Next season will be easier, as we have only 3 tournaments and the amount of changes you have to make has to be smaller "

Blue Kipper: What did you think of the "MARTINEZ OUT" graffiti on Goodison Park earlier in the season and the booing at some games? 

Roberto: "I felt good about it because it was a Howard Kendall and Philip Carter moment... so I'm hoping we will the league this season. I understand it. I understand the frustration when results are not there. Deep down you are a little bit disappointed, but I accept it. I'll take responsibility of the results, that's the way it should work, and the players will take the responsibility of keeping themselves fit and performing well for a team which everyone can be excited for.

I was disappointed against Queens Park Rangers at home. We were 3-0 up and it seemed that it wasn't enough. We need to be a little bit realistic as well, because if we're here to win games and then when we're winning we want something else then I think the players need a little bit of understanding."

Blue Kipper:
What's the situation with Luke Garbutt?

Roberto: "Luke Garbutt has been a real successful story because we have set a two-year program. He went on loan to Colchester and came back and then we started giving him some games in the cup and then gave him his Premier League debut, and European games. He has played 10 first team games this season. We have offered a good contract.

"The player has the right to decide if playing for Everton is his wish. Maybe he feels he will not get the opportunity with two other internationals in that position, but we will give him the opportunity. We have proved that we have a real conveyor belt of talent and that there are players who are there to take his place if Luke doesn't want that opportunity. As a football club we've done everything we should have done. We've acted with class. We've always wanted to keep Luke Garbutt."

Blue Kipper: Did this come into your decision to play Galloway instead of Garbutt?

Roberto: "A little bit. Luke needed time to think and make his decision and I didn't think it was right for us if he plays in a game which we needed to win. It was a good opportunity for a young man like Brendan Galloway. I wanted to protect him a little bit and didn't tell him he was going to play. If I could have left it until 2 minutes to 3, I would have done that but it wouldn't have phased him. I think Brendan will play the next 30-40 games as a left back and then can probably move to left side centre half." 

Blue Kipper: Will you use the loan system again to bring players in and were you disappointed with the way Samuel Eto'o left?

Roberto: "No. We wanted him to bring that worry into the opposition and give time for Arouna Kone to get fully fit. In September Samuel wanted to play every game and then it was the best position for everybody to allow him to go. We all learnt from him. At one point he was the best striker in world football.

Christian Atsu has not had much luck and will become a top player I think. It is rare to get three loan players as successful as Gareth Barry, Romelu Lukaku and Gerard Deulofeu. You can probably put Aaron Lennon in that bracket. Lacina Traore was a disaster. He scores in his first game and then gets injured in the warm up against Chelsea and we never saw him again!" 

Blue Kipper: Has Gareth Barry got something on you?  

Roberto: "Gareth Barry is such a reliable footballer. There are things which he does off the ball. He covers other players. He gives you a real composure. He always wants the ball. The role he has, probably only Darron Gibson can play that same role. Gareth Barry has had to play more than I would have preferred but in the same way he is such a reliable footballer that what he gives you is a platform for the others to perform. His role to the team is always very positive."

Blue Kipper: The first 30 minutes in the Dynamo Kiev game was poor, who changed that was it you or the players? 

Roberto; "I think it was just the state of the game. Remember it was a very positive pass from Naisy and all of a sudden you get a dynamic approach and we get a corner, and then another, and then another, and all of a sudden we've given fans something to cheer. It was a very dull start to the game, it was very pedestrian, we didn't have any tempo and that happens but as manager of the football club I'm the one who has to take responsibility.

The big advantage that I have is that I can be neutral and everything I do with my players is to win football matches for Everton Football Club. The fans want to see us winning matches, so we're on the same page and I accept the consequences and I can understand that fans can be disappointed or frustrated. As long as we allow the players to perform for ninety minutes then they can be effective."

Blue Kipper: We seemed to be running out of steam at the beginning of the season. Do you agree fitness was a major problem and what will you do differently in the summer?

Roberto: "I do feel we weren't as fit as we could have been, but I don't think we could have done anything else. When you have the World Cup, it is difficult getting the players back into the right shape, though then you see a peak around February/March and that is what we had.

This new season we have five weeks of pre-season. It's a very specific period of work. Everyone will be together. Maybe we'll miss only John Stones. We are going to Singapore, we have the two games there. Then we're coming back and then we're going to Scotland. Then 2nd August we have a game at Goodison, and that's the last game before we start again in the league." 

Part 3 tomorrow - Roberto on Besic, Europe and more.

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Comments about Martinez On - Fitness Levels - Critical Fans - Scotland Preseason
Martinez. A man so far out of his depth it's frightening.
Mark, Bucks, 11:17 AM 31/05/2015
So one of the best prospects in English football looks like he's on his way, Super Kev has been lied to, Mo wins four or five MOM awards on the spin and is left on the bench for months, Alcaraz is used more than Buzz, Naismith gets a few minutes occasionally while Barkley keeps running in circles with no end product, Joel keeps clean sheets, back to back, so is replaced and Kone is actually considered as an option. Which clown makes these decisions? Oh, wait a minute...
Blueimp, Northants, 11:34 PM 29/05/2015
exactly Paddy! Deep down? A LITTLE bit?? I accept it??? Well - Don't! Please. Take a holiday from philosophic defeat, Bob! Get MAD! Get angry! THEN you'll know how we feel... And don't you dare play Kone!
blue, york, 4:25 PM 29/05/2015
I'm sorry but the more words I hear from Roberto the more my heart sinks. I'm full of foreboding for the future :o(
Spectator, Crosby, 8:04 AM 29/05/2015
Please admit most or all of this is a big wind up? "Deep down I was disappointed ". Is he taking the piss?? If this interview is true well then I'm finished as long as he's in charge, the man is not well
paddy, dublin, 10:06 PM 28/05/2015
It doesn't sound as if hes going to push the boat out too much for Garbutt.I think hes saying this is how it is take it or leave it.
mark, north wales, 7:35 PM 28/05/2015
Phenomenal! In Martinez we rust.
Lennie, Wirral, 7:30 PM 28/05/2015
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