Martinez On Signing Players
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Blue Kipper met Roberto Martinez at the first team canteen at Finch Farm for a coffee and a chat. Like the other interviews we've had with Martinez, it was a very laid back affair.

Kipper represented Blue Kipper. Also around the table were Graham from When Skies are Grey, Si from NSNO, Neil and Joe from SOS1878, Paul from Toffeeweb, Barry from Toffee TV and Ped from Followtonians.

The questions were asked by all the group, and some questions were duplicated, so I've edited into two parts as it was such a long interview, so that nothing is missed.

It lasted for an hour and a half. Thanks to Brian Doogan from Everton for arranging the interview.

Blue Kipper: What was the one thing that could explain the difference between last season and this season? 

Roberto said:  Oh. I don't think it was one thing. I think it was a combination of things. The big difference has been the expectation we had at earlier of the season. The first three or four games in the league, they set the tone for the season. Dropping two points at Leicester after taking the lead on 83 minutes and then drawing the game. Honestly you would not believe. We had a feeling of defeat in the dressing room after the game and there were still 37 games left. At the end of last season, we wanted to keep the team together. So the signings of Romelu Lukaku and Gareth Barry we were excited. Then the game hit us hard. Then the Arsenal game. For 60 minutes we were, I thought, at the level of last season and we end up with a draw. You lose 4 points and you think, we cant get were we wanted to get. Psychologically we couldn't reach the same levels of enjoyment in the league. We found enjoyment in the Europa League. I think when we arrived back from the World Cup, it affected us defensively. We became a little bit loose. Once we turned the year we were very very strong. We had to win. Rom was a completely different player when he played in January then when he came back from the World Cup. It's been a big learning curve. 

Blue Kipper: How big a blow was it to loose Ross on the eve of Everton's season?

Roberto: "Huge for us. We were so excited with his pre-season. He was on fire, he was flying coming from the World Cup. The Injury really set him back. He's been catching up all season sometimes physically and sometimes psychologically. It wasn't until the Manchester United game that I feel we saw the real Ross. If you ask him, he will tell you he has learned so much this season, coping with the outside, coping with expectations and what people think of Ross. I just think we have an incredible footballer for the future but it's been one of the tough periods he has to go through. I do think that when he went to play for England the last time. I think we will see a consistent performer, he's not going with the under 21's we will get a free refreshed Ross next season.

Blue Kipper: Joel Robles kept three clean sheets while Tim Howard was injured. Was it a difficult decision to bring Tim Howard back in and did it effect Robles's confidence in any way?

Roberto: No, no that was probably the hardest decision in the campaign. I have known Joel for a long time now and I didn't see him show what he can do playing for Everton until those three games. I think Joel last season was a demanding period. The reality is that in goal you can have the situation were if you make a mistake someone will take your place. Tim Howard is my number 1, Joel is my number 2 until that changes. In those three games he showed what he can do and it gave him an appetite to push Tim for the rest of the season. I know people can get tired of the same face. It's happened at Real Madrid were Casillas is all of a sudden a bad player after winning everything. You cannot ignore what Tim Howard brings and he has improved a lot at the end of the season. I am very happy with both Tim Howard and Joel Robles.

Blue Kipper: In January you were looking for a goalkeeper is that still the case?

Roberto: No, that was before Joel's three clean sheets. Joel read the statement and thought he would do something about it. I thought his best performance against Palace away were his best and he didn't look like he was playing in a Derby and he's only 23 you need to have that presence. Three clean sheets. A great period to show what 

Blue Kipper: You said you need another playmaker in the Steven Pienaar Leon Osman mould. I'd be happy for you to spend all you £28m budget on him.

Roberto: "We haven't got £28million. You will have to give me another two years.

Blue Kipper: Is that right. You havent got £28 million? (Looking Towards Robert Elstone, who had walked in)

Roberto: Unless Robert has got it there?

Blue Kipper: I'm guttered now. If we want to progress, you need to sign a top class playmaker.

Roberto: I agree. I think we have got the core. What excites me about next season is what we've got. The players who come in have got to give us that extra bit and make us better. The excitement is what weve got. John Stones, Ross Barkley, Romelu Lukaku, Seamus Coleman and James McCarthy. And then there's the experienced players like Leon Osman, Phil Jagielka, Leighton Baines. There is a real strong group of players. We need to be very precise in what we want to bring in and attract the right player that we need and the right personality. It's not about finances. It's not about money. I'm delighted with the young players we have at the club. We need to bring in a centre half, we need to bring in a playmaker a ? 10, we need to bring in a wide player and maybe another player to increase the numbers in the squad, but with the level to perform.

Blue Kipper: Just to go back. I'm not nieve enough to ask who's coming and going, but if Distin, Alcaraz and Garbutt all go, I'm a bit concerned that you say 4 may come in. If those 3 go will you bring in another 3 players?

Roberto: No. I don't think we need the numbers of this season. Not being in Europe we don't need these numbers. We have been working for 2 years with a group of players from 18 to 22 who I think we can bring in. I think they are ready and I want to give these players an opportunity. I'm not saying we are relying on these players to win games, but rather than bringing in a fifth centre half I'd rather give an opportunity to Tyias Browning who I know is ready to perform and come in. In terms of numbers we are going to be fine.  We've got the best young players in the league. I don't see another club with three players aged 21, 22 who have important roles at the club and have the potential that we have." 

Part Two - Roberto On Europe, 'Martinez Out' graffiti, Besic, Barry and Pre Season here soon.

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Comments about Martinez On Signing Players
It's been such a dreadful year for EFC that the end of the season has come as a blessing. Agree with @2 that RM is (at best) delusional and is steering our club towards a new Dark Age. By comparison, the whole FIFA/Sepp Blatter thing has come as a spot of light relief.
John T Bristol, Bristol, 12:20 PM 29/05/2015
can someone advise why either luke or bainsey could not play wide left midfield, then both play and we have movement down the left again, and peanuts for backup. Ossie is class but has lost a yard or too, no surprise at his age.
johno, rsa, 7:15 AM 29/05/2015
No 11. Everton Elephants eh? Excellent!
Monty Burns, Springfield, 12:34 AM 29/05/2015
RM is not the man for Everton. Hot air and no substance. Mcgeady, Alcaraz, and Kone, tell you as much about RM as we need to know. Deluded. I fear for us with him I charge. West Haaaaammm, ay be our saviour, please come and get him!
Mal, St.Helens, 7:55 AM 28/05/2015
Well to the Kenwright haters, what do you really want? Sell your arse to the Arabs? Have an idiot like the guy at Hull get renamed Everton Elephants? Have the Yanks in charge get bled dry then they F*** off? Be very careful what you wish for !!! At least he has got true passion if not the money!! As for Martinez he deserves at least another season. Past managers had poor 2nd seasons. Moyes, Kendal so time will tell, as for the money may be just may be he is being clever!!! Why broadcast what money you have and pay over inflated prices ?? Come on boys we all hated what happened this season and I'm glad it's over!!!! Have an holiday, stop whinging, move on, WE will get it right.
Barrow Boys, Barrow-in-Furness, 11:18 PM 27/05/2015
Blue Union strikes back again. Damn I thought they had all died off like the dinosaurs......
Oscar, Crosby, 9:15 PM 27/05/2015
If I needed one reason for keeping Kenwright it's that moron post at 8.
Paul, Warrington, 7:41 PM 27/05/2015
out kenwright!hes killing the fans passion,kw is the real winner. i want kw and the board out,or wont progress.
BlueBerry, Shires, 6:16 PM 27/05/2015
Either Roberto is the biggest deluded conman going or he's the biggest genius (and sees things nobody else can) of the last five years and last season was just a blip through bad luck. We'll know by early November which it is.
Spectator, Crosby, 9:49 AM 27/05/2015
Since of these comments are ridiculous. If you want to show me an available manager in the world that could've done better this season, I'm all ears. I knew this season would be a comedown - we doesn't all our money on players we already had the previous season, and we lost Deulofeu, Howard and Distin got older and we had terrible luck with injuries. With this squad we are a 6th-10th place team, so no point blaming the manager for not delivering the title
Eoin , Dublin , 9:11 AM 27/05/2015
Centre half Shawcross, Deulofeu wide,Sigurdsson as the 10 and a striker to keep Lukaku on his toes. Out distin Alcatraz Kone. Happy days
J, Liverpool , 12:43 AM 27/05/2015
What a load of shite from Martinez! He's had years of experience in the bottom half of the Premier League until he blew it with Wigan. He changed last season's successful system to play in a losing style that's shite to watch, and that's unforgivable. The players since day one have been poor on the pitch trying to do what he tells them because they know it?s shite too. The first 30 mins of the Kiev away match was ?pure? Martinez. Give credit to the players for at last jacking it in 4-1 down in the second half, in mid fucking March mind you. By then the league position was bust to the wide, but led by only Rom, Bainesy, and more recently Seamus, who seem to be the only ones free to speak their mind without the threat of being dropped (like Buzz), they said they?d then started playing the ?more direct? ?old Everton? way and scrambled away from relegation. Relegation for fuck?s sake! Just look at how many points we won month by month; In August, 3 from the 9 available, then 4 from 9, 6 from 9, 5 from 12, 4 from 18, 5 from 9, 2 from 9, 6 from 12, and then at last in April with ?the old Everton way?, 10 from 12! Fuck all to play for, the players then took 3 from 12 in May. What does that tell you about Martinez, his tactics, and his management? Behind the scenes is a mystery too. The coaches seem unable to get even the basics sorted. The medical chief Donachie left Goodison in a paddy and this season we?ve had a lousy record for ?soft-tissue/unfit player? injuries. Whose fault is that? Add that to a woeful pre-season and ask that question again. And to those who say we should not complain and just cheer on despite this moron I say this; If you?d been on the Titanic would you have kept on cheering as the iceberg got nearer or would you have been screaming at the captain to change course? Give your head a shake Bill and please get rid of this intensely unexciting phenomenally deluded gobshite before he well and truly sinks us.
Don Alexander, Birkenhead, 12:16 AM 27/05/2015
We havent got ?28 million? Kenwright is a joke. When will he ever sell the club?
phil daley, london, 11:21 PM 26/05/2015
The man does not inspire confidence. The underlying tone here is of a deluded individual who lives in his own little cocoon. I await part 2 with interest. Why has there been no clamour for him to be sacked? Are my fellow Evertonians happy with what has been served up this season. Also why is there no ??28m? to spend. Revised TV deal eh? Don?t we get any, or is it being ring-fenced for the new stadium (again)?
Balcony Blue, Maghull, 10:30 PM 26/05/2015
What was the problems behind the scenes that seen half the medical staff leave the club ?
joe, stockbridge, 9:42 PM 26/05/2015
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