An Audience With Roberto Martinez - Part 2
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Blue Kipper met Roberto Martinez at the first team canteen at Finch Farm for what was described as "A Private Audience With Roberto."

Kipper represented Blue Kipper. Also around the table were Becki from Grand Old Team, Graham from When Skies are Grey, Simon from NSNO, Neil from SOS1878 and Ped from Followtonians.

The questions were asked by all the group, and some questions were duplicated, so I've edited into three parts as it was such a long interview, so that nothing is missed.

Everton made us welcome with a laid back approach we sat in a circle with a cup of coffee and after we all introduced ourselves to the manager, we took turns to ask questions. It lasted over an hour and a half,

but it seemed like only 10 minutes had gone. I could have listened to Boberto all night. There is no doubt there was plenty of man love around the table.


Blue Kipper: When you joined Everton, there was a problem with the club changing the club crest. How did you feel about the fans wanting to keep the traditional crest?


Roberto: I always think that everything you do in a football club is for the fans. So it is pointless for the club or an owner to do something to get some marketing value to clinch a better deal somewhere. I always think that the fans are the most important ones in any football club. That's why I always want to know what the fans think. The thing about the crest I like is that the fans didn't accept it and were outspoken and they let everyone know that they didn't want it. The chairman was upset so he made sure that everything was going to be taken into consideration and end up with a product that fan were going to be happy with. I was happy with the reaction of the fans, but it doesn't surprise me as that is the way football should be run. The club should be run by managers and players understanding what the fans want.


Blue Kipper: When you see the owners of Cardiff City changing their traditional Blue shirts to red shirts overnight, What do you feel about that?


Roberto: I don't like that. The biggest advantage I have is I was brought up in the Spanish game and I follow all the other leagues around the world and what I love about the British game is the tradition and values. Everything you represent at Everton when you see that not being followed through in other football clubs that really hurts. That's an example that is very disappointing and obviously another marketing decision again with disregard to the fans they should be representing. It is important in the modern game, don't get me wrong finances dictate but there are certain aspects that they shouldn't compromise.


Blue Kipper: Looking back at the Sunderland game were the mix up between Tim Howard and Leon Osman led to us being down to 10 men and a goal down and ultimately lost us the game.


Roberto: It's vital the fans, Forget about the style for a second. Football is a game of errors. So you are going to have errors from a referee, a player, from a manager. What you need to be able to do is react to it. I'm looking at the Sunderland game in the second half with 10 men and we had 15 shots on target, and you saw a real spirit and I'm very proud of that performance. As a fan I would be proud of my team playing in that manner. It's cost us 3 points on the day, but I'll tell you from that point until the end of the season we'll get three times those points, because of the way that we play. There is the action that should never have happened. There are 3 mistakes in one action and that is what we need to learn and get better, but if we don't get through those moments we won't improve.


The same way that action gave us an opportunity to score against Stoke and against QPR. You get a lot more from it than you lose. I accept that if the fans don't understand it, that will be a mistake that costs you. You are going to feel frustrated. As a fan you need to see that's for a reason. You want to stretch teams. You want to be brave in possession and that will give you more goals in open play, which is the hardest thing in football. We've been very pleased with the way we are opening teams up and the way we create so many chances. That's part of the process. I would prefer to lose 1-0 against Sunderland playing the way we did in the second half, than scraping a 1-0 win by the 33rd cross we got into the box which hit someone on the back and it went into the net. It means these are the 3 points but you are relying on luck. You don't rely on yourself. The fans should know we want to rely on ourselves to achieve things. To do that we need to go through a process.


Blue Kipper: Can I just jump in on that. I accept that mistakes happen. Do you ever speak to Tim Howard regarding just letting the player go past him and score and we could have won 4-1.


Roberto: I think he was disappointed. He didn't feel there was enough contact to be a penalty. I think you need to understand that he went down to save the ball and he didn't try to bring him down. The contact is minimal. I can't understand why the player went down in that situation. He could have just scored. I think there was an action, which there were 3 mistakes. We have spoken about it and Leon knows. We have certain trigger points against things that you can't do and things that you can't. There were 3 things that we didn't do and that's why we got punished. We've learned from it. But the second half performance - I don't care who you play in the premier league. If you have 10 men for 45 minutes 15 shots on target like we did, it just shows you that the spirit of the group, the tactical awareness that they have.


Blue Kipper: We've seen the young players like Ross Barkley and John Stones come into the first team and do well. Are you surprised with the quality of the youngsters and are there any more ready to come into the first team?


Roberto: Yes. Yes 100%. When I say young players, I don't mean young players in age I mean by the number of games they have played. I have been very surprised with Seamus Coleman. I think he has gone to the next level. Ross Barkley. I felt that he was a bit cagey in preseason, thinking he was a bit afraid to make mistakes. John Stones, obviously I tried to sign him when I was at Wigan and I knew he would be a top centre half. I'm looking at players even in the Under 21's now that we are sending out on loan. Today we sent another two out on loan. So we have a total of 9 players sent out into the professional game. The work we do in the academy. With Alan Irvine He has the right ideas in the game, how to develop the players. We are doing a terrific job to carry on developing the youngsters. When you have a young player ready to perform in the manor that Ross Barkley does, its down to the senior boys. In many dressing rooms you have an environment where the young boys are blamed for making mistakes. Here it is the opposite. You make mistakes but take responsibility and. That's down to the Phil Jagielka, Tim Howard, Sylvain Distin, Gareth Barry and Leighton Baines. Those players allow you to produce good youngsters. So I'm excited to keep that culture of the senior players setting direction. As a football club we can create an easy conveyor belt from the Academy through.


I think George Green is at what I call stage one of the development. He needs to go through stage two and then just underneath the first team. I love George Green because he is a player that relies on his talent. We need to help him a little bit, because to get into the first team he needs to master a position. At the moment he is a player who will win you the game for the Under 18's but he is a bit of a free spirit. That's with the talent he has. So he's in stage one. We have other players. I would Say Ty Browning is a centre half who is ready to play in the first team and he is going to go out on loan to the Championship. We have a talented winger, Matthew Kennedy who needs to go out on loan and get good opportunities. Chris Long is a number 10, second striker, is developing really well. We have the two boys at Yeovil - Shayne Duffy who has done really well and John Lundstrum, who again is a very talented midfielder. Conor Grant is injured at the moment, but he has a great future ahead of him. All these players are going to be professionals. Now its down to them really. We give them the right environment and see if they can get into the first team. That's what we are going to create. If players do the right things, they will get opportunities. They are going to be challenged step by step. Now they are going out on loan and if they do well, they get an opportunity in the first team and its up to them. Also we have Matthew Pennington at Tranmere who did very well as a right back and did well as a centre half on his debut. Hallam Hope went to Northampton and he scored on his debut. So we have a beautiful group that is flourishing well.


I think the structure up to Under 18's I think the development is the best in the world, but when they get to 19 and above. I think the Under 21's is not competitive. Its not a league, which will develop players. The players just below the first team need to go out on loan. When you send a player out on loan they are out of your control. Some will work others won't. So that gap has been a killer for the British game. I think the Premier league is getting better. It allows the players to develop for 6 months as a group and I think we have been fortunate in that we work with that group for six months, technically, tactically. Now they can go out and I guarantee out of those will become professionals. I don't know if they will get in the first team. Now we have bridged that gap. Before was such a gamble. The British game is catching up and getting stronger. I don't think It's got anything to do with us as a club. We, as a club should be able to produce two players to get in the first team every two years. We are well on the way to achieving that.


Blue Kipper: How good is Ross Barkley?


Roberto:  Wow. Ross is unique. His stature. Ohh. He is the best English talent we've seen for many many years. Ross has everything. Normally you don't get what you get with Ross. With Ross you get the full package. From his physicality. From a technical ability with both feet. Anything you want to highlight as a player. Then you have the mentality of such a talented player. He listens. Normally the good players are outstanding talent don't listen, because they don't think they can tell them things. They are so natural with it. They'll tell you that I'll put the ball in the back of the net and they'll do that. That's it. With Ross I've been impressed with the way he listens, the way he wants to improve. He takes things on. I've played him in different systems and he always finds a way to be effective. His personality will make him as good as he wants to be. I want to believe his upbringing with his family has made him the way he is. Maybe him not having it straight forward with the injuries has helped him enjoy every single minute. I want to believe his genetics as a great guy with a great character and personality.


Blue Kipper: You'll have to make sure we keep hold of him then.


Roberto: Absolutely. We've got no problem. I'm guaranteeing that. 


Got to say that the excitement Roberto showed when talking about Ross was unbelievable.


The final part of the interview will be on the site tomorrow - Roberto on his Brown shoes, Parma Ham and cheese.

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Comments about An Audience With Roberto Martinez - Part 2
I think god has smiled on us giving us Roberto
anto, liverpool 13, 12:15 PM 12/01/2014
Lance, really? You've managed to turn this into attack on the chairman, what on earth is wrong with you? You should be praising Mr Kenwright for having the gumption to, yet again, find the perfect manager for Everton at the perfect time.
Rob, Far, far away, 4:38 AM 11/01/2014
He is a proper manager, Mr Kenwright you should be ashamed you held onto Moyes for so long. He is making a footballing template to use for the future. Manager of the year 100%. Look what we have done so far and we haven't spent any money.
Lance, Bootle, 10:57 PM 10/01/2014
Honestly i wasnt sure about Bobby,but how wrong i was, he really is a true legend in the making, and when he speaks i believe every word.I just love him......
Neil Rimmer, Litherland, 9:46 PM 10/01/2014
El Bob knows his history COYB
Tess Tickle, The Brunswick Pub, Bootle, 1:36 PM 10/01/2014
I,ve just read part 2. This man is so so enthusiastic and has a belief that makes you sit there and take it all in .I,m going to work now with the knowledge we have a superb man who is in charge of our team.Happy days ahead .
doug , tenerife, 7:06 AM 10/01/2014
I love this guy!
Peter Jones, Macclesfield, 2:15 AM 10/01/2014
Brilliant stuff, you would never had this type of insight with the previous regime.. With respect it just shows how we have moved on and upwards, El Bob believes we having some really exciting talent coming through, the futures bright the futures blue !.
LES, PHUKET, 9:37 PM 9/01/2014
He is the Messiah!! Loving what El Bob has to say
Dave the Blue, Rainford, 8:36 PM 9/01/2014
Gotta love that Senor..........
Sinbad, Kensington, 7:42 PM 9/01/2014
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