Jimmy Husband
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Jimmy Husband

Blues fan Leedon Elwood met the famous Jimmy Husband. Jimmy is retired and lives in Milton Keynes.

As a birthday present I got the new "royal blue jersey".....a week later in my local.....I met Jimmy Husband.

What do you ask a man who played alongside Kendall, Ball, Harvey, Royle...etc. Jimmy is such a gentleman, he never got bored of talking about his days and fellow players (well at least I think so!). He is very much to himself, blends in with the locals and likes a nice 'bells with lemonade and ice'.

I was honoured to buy the man a drink and listen to those amazing stories. A week later, I walk in and he says hello. This man is just a legend and a real nice guy, he often catches up with Gordon West and the crew etc roughly about 3/4 times a year, and still is very much attached to the mighty Blues.

The stories of Alan Ball were great and good ol Harry Catterick.......well....all I can birthday was complete they day I met "Jimmy"

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Comments about Jimmy Husband
Delighted that Jimmy is still on the top side of the grass. Went to all the Blues home games in the late 60's & thro' 70's & 80's. Jimmy was always 1 of my fave players alongside Bally, Howard, big Joe, Alan Whittle etc. Jimmy was a really fast, talented striker cum winger, with a knack of scoring goals. Take care, Jimmy.
Don Eady, Wallasey, 6:34 PM 11/08/2015
I went to manor park in the 60's. Same class as Derek foster youngest ever 1st division goalkeeper, Dennis Tueart was in same year. Jimmy a d Geoff Allen were in year above, we had a great sports teacher Mr Madison. Jimmy I think just lived outside the school gates. Newcastle lost some great talent on those days. Saw Jimmy in cup final against West brim with Geoff Astor winning in extra time with one of his typical header
Michael love , Marlow bucks , 6:16 PM 28/10/2014
I had the loan of a season ticket in the stand directly above the tackle, that thug is regaled as a legend, so glad to hear Jimmy has enjoyed a good career thereafter.
paddy, wirral, 7:44 PM 26/03/2014
john h, i played football with him for the village team everton spartans when he was running that pub
keef, london, 9:54 PM 10/01/2014
I Played with Jimmy in a fantastic Manor Park Football team in Newcastle we were unbeaten season after season,i was also in same class.Still got team photos of those days and recently come across website with them on and a write up of Jimmy when he was leaving to go to Everton.Remember him coming back with Everton and scoring against the Toon in a 2-0 win.
Ken Jackson, Northumberland, 3:28 PM 18/12/2013
In the 1960s I had the unenviable task of marking Jimmy in the Northumberland & Durham Cup Final. Manor Park was full of future Newcastle and Sunderland players. He scored four, need I say more. I was playing for Hookergate Grammar School.
Keith Roseby, Northumberland, 2:14 PM 3/07/2013
Ive just checked, Dave Mackay did play for Derby County when he nearly killed Jimmy Husband. It was the 1968 league Cup at Goodison. (Cloughie was their manager) the score was 0-0 we lost the replay1-0. It didnt finish Jimmy career, we won the league 2 years later and I think he scored 8 goals
Grizzlygus, Bebington, 7:34 PM 3/04/2013
When Jimmy was fouled by Dave Mackay, I am sure he played for Derby County not Spurs.
Grizzlygus, Bebington, 5:34 PM 3/04/2013
I remember Jimmy at Manor Park school not only as a very talented footballer but also as an accomplished sprinter in school sports. he was even then a humble person who was always willing to pass on footballing tips to younger pupils. A genuine gentleman and a real, quiet role model.
Peter Fawkes, north shields, 10:27 AM 20/12/2012
Jimmy is the son of my Granny's (Elizabeth Carr) cousin. My dad (James Fallon Carr ) supported Newcastle Utd, but I cheered on Everton in 1966.
Julie Carr, York, 4:57 PM 31/10/2012
I watched Jimmy play for Everton and he was in a very good team and all I can say he was a smashing player. Yes I was there when he was taken out of the game by Dave Mckay of Spurs, for me Mckay ended Jimmy Husband's top flight career. But What a VERY good player for EFC. I would love to have a pint with him and a chat.
Kevin Walker, Lpool, 11:09 PM 31/05/2012
I met Jimmy while stationed at RAF Chicksands in '73-'75. Met him at the Royal Oak pub in Barton-Le-Clay. He as playing for Luton at the time and it was a great honor for me to meet such a fine footballer. The Hatters were in old 1st division the year I met him. Quite a fine memory indeed for a Yank. Here's wishing you the best Jimmy. Have a pint of bitter for me. Jim Malay, Wichita, KS USA
Jim Malay, Wichita, KS, USA, 2:33 PM 28/04/2012
Jimmy is my father-in-law. Please keep the stories coming as I want to share them with our he understands the type of player his grandfather Jimmy was! I love reading these stories. As an American, it was great visiting Goodison in 2010 and watching Jimmy and others being honored on the field during half-time.
Leigh Husband, Miami, FL, 11:57 PM 13/04/2012
Wasn't it Jimmy Husband who crocked Norman Hunter and told him to "put that in yer book!?" (Hunter kept a notebook of players who had fouled him for "revenge" purposes)
Colin J, Romania, 11:29 AM 13/04/2011
As alifetime Blues fan that emigrated to the States in '74 I was chuffed when Jimmy came to play for the Oklahoma City Slickers in the earlt 80's. (The team was managed by Brian Harvey, Colin's brother). I actually got to play in a 5-aside training session against Jimmy - one of the biggest thrills of my life
Mark Sadler, America, 12:23 PM 5/04/2011
Roberto spain, I remember that Mckay tackle as if it was yesterday, diabolical, disgraceful, can't think of words bad enough, and then he feigned injury himself and avoided punishment. Also remember one Christmas Eve, mid/late sixties, Jimmy was in the Victoriana Club, with his girlfriend, very quiet lad politely waiting his turn to get served. The Victoriana was quite respectable but not exactly a high-rollers joint.
Arthur G,, London,, 3:27 PM 9/02/2011
Being a season ticket holder for the Old New England Team men..We went to see the Tea Men play against Memphis at home. What a game..only 150 fans showed up..rain, snow, sleet, but dressed up in my Everton shirt I got to meet Jimmy..(who played for Memphis) only because he could hear me shouting over the other 149 excited fans. One of the greats
Kevin Radford, Cape Cod Ma USA, 4:31 PM 5/10/2010
yes i remember skippy as he was so fondly nicknamed i remember one of my earliest visits to goodison when the mighty unbeaten Leeds came to town unbeaten in 42 matches the mighty blues soon raced into a 3-0 lead with "jimmy! scoring if my memories still intact! he had a knack of scoring goals for the blues and was very much an important member of the team a great player for us who then went to Luton and done well there! nice to hear you still alive and kicking
dave browne, Liverpool, 12:43 AM 26/07/2010
i played against jimmy when he played for manor park school team and i played for bolam street in a cup tie at clifford road byker.manor beat us parents knew jimmys dad who they called jointy.
eddie martin, newcastle, 10:53 PM 23/07/2010
GREAT MEMORIES OF A VERY NICE LAD,,, I WAS THERE WHEN DAVE MACKAY,,, then spurs skipper nearly split him in two ,jimmy was injured needless to say but came back and into the first team and played in the 68 (lucky one leg Astle scored ) final v WBA,,,and went on to make many appearances for the blues,,played with some of our finest ,, nice one jimmy
robertobluenose, spain, 1:28 AM 21/07/2010
I remember standing on the Gwladys Street season 1969-70, round about october we were all singing.. 'we've got jimmy jimmy husband on the wing on the wing, we've got jimmy jimmy husband on the wing on the wing..hey la, hey la EVERTON, and we're gonna win the league...! He was still on the wing by april and we did win the league! great memories. never miss a match at GOODISON to this day. c.o.y.b.
Pete W, Tuebrook, 9:21 PM 20/07/2010
Jimmy is my grandads brother. I knew he was a pro footballer as i used to lift his schoolboy cups and wear his england boys caps when i stayed at my nanna bettys ,Jimmys mother.
john husband, newcastle upon tyne, 7:54 PM 20/07/2010
Jimmy attended Manor Park school Newcatle in the 1960's; he played for the senior team at the age of 14, alongside (I think) Geoff Allen (Newcatle Utd)
Ron G, Newcastle upon Tyne, 3:47 PM 13/04/2010
In the 1980's Jimmy Husband lived in Roxton near Bedford and ran the village pub. He played cricket for the village cricket team.
John H, Bedford, 11:16 AM 6/04/2010
I remember when I first saw Jimmy Husband play, he was in the the Everton team that won the F.A. Youth Cup. We beat Arsenal in the Final, I think. Jimmy was always a great player for Everton.
Roger Mulvaney, Philippines, 4:20 AM 4/03/2010
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