Mark Hughes
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Mark Beating Fowler In The Air
Mark Beating Fowler In The Air
Mutley Gets His Medals
Mutley Gets His Medals
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In April 2005 we at Bluekipper had the pleasure of interviewing the Everton reserve Captain. His name Mark Hughes.

Mark made his debut for Everton in the Premier League in December 2006. He made another appearance in the League Cup. That's the best it got for him at Everton. He had a loan spell at Stockport then went to Northampton in 2007 where he had two successful seasons before he was transferred to Walsall for the 2009 season. He went on to make 26 appearances. So what happened next?

Well he ended up in Australia playing for Australian A-League side North Queensland Fury. He left Walsall for what he called "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity".  And what an impression he has made in his first season.

He has won the Player of the Year, the Players' Players and People's Choice Awards. He played in all 30 games of the season

Mark said: "I'm very happy and delighted but humbled at the same time to have received such acknowledgments from the Club, my fellow team-mates and our supporters.

"The decision to come and play in Australia has been life-changing for me. I believe I've improved as a footballer and grown as a man.

"I didn't really know what to expect when I made the move to the Fury but I've thoroughly enjoyed myself and apart from our League position, I wouldn't change a thing.

Manager Robbie Middleby said; "Mark has been a standout for us this season and deserves all the praise he has received this evening.

"It's been said many times before but he plays football with the knowledge of someone ten years his senior. Not only is he an exceptional talent but a great leader and has been a constant for us this season."

Fury CEO Rabieh Krayem said; "This evening Mark has received Awards which were voted for by the Club, his peers and our supporters, which demonstrates how much he is valued as a footballer and a person by everyone associated with the Fury.

"Although Mark is a very talented footballer, he plays with the commitment and passion which embodies what it means to be a Fury player and always leads by example.

"We continue to remain optimistic about the Fury's future and we see Mark Hughes being part of this Club for years to come."

Well done Mark. All the very best to you and your family. We don't think you would have made it if it wasn't for the advise we gave you all them years ago. All the best for the future


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Comments about Mark Hughes
Travelled down in sept from Auckland to Wellington to watch the Fury play Wellington Phoenix, bumped into Mark on the street the morning of the game, a great Lad, He even fixed us up with complimentry tickets for the game , plus he treated us even more as he got on the scoresheet that night.
Andy Shone, Auckland, 5:40 PM 27/02/2011
Really good bloke, Mark. My mates and I had a few drinks with him in the Wolverhampton Wetherspoons after our 0-0 last season, as he was banned for Walsall, and he's still a true Blue. Glad he's doing so well Down Under and as a sound centre-half, wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a Championship (or Ian Holloway run Premiership!) club came in for him in the summer.
Tim, Herts, 9:15 AM 26/02/2011
Brisbane Roar ftw!
Thai, Brisbane, 10:58 PM 25/02/2011
The lad has been a stand out over here and will probably play for the better clubs or end up in Japan or Korea. Good luck to him
Steve , Melbourne, 5:32 AM 25/02/2011
Mark is the type of player most suited to Australia. Each A league club is allowed two 'marquee' players who's wages are not counted as part of the salary cap. They usually are aged ex European or S. Americans. Too many 'marquee' players are over the hill living on their reputations and add very little to overall playing standards. Fowler is an example of what I say. He drifts around the periphery without getting involved in the heavy stuff. I suppose at his age that is understandable. Anyone who saw Robbie in his pomp would retire to a quiet corner and have a good cry.
Joe Doakes, Australia, 10:03 PM 24/02/2011
Best of Luck mate, Poker nights in Northampton, will never be the same without you,
Stephen Whelan, Northampton/Birkenhead, 7:58 PM 24/02/2011
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