Big Dunc Up Front
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1- Southall (the only one)
2-Stevens (tough)
3- Lescott (top goal scorer)
4-Ratcliffe, (capt, who else)
5- Watson (assistant capt)
6-Arteta ( awesome)
7-Cahill (packs a punch)
8-Reid ( hero)
9-Big Duncan (god)
10- Sharpy (god's best mate)
11- Sheedy (sweet left foot)

Subs, Howard, Beardsley, Shrek, Kanchelskis, Hinchcliffe, Speed

Cheers Charlie

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Comments about Big Dunc Up Front
As good as big Dunc was for us, to me Alex Young was the best C F I've seen for the "Blue Boys". My team #1 is as follows:- Southall, Parker, T.G.Jones, Labone, Wilson, Kay, Ball, ,Arteta, Sheedy, Young, and Vernon. Team #2:- West, Wright, Mountfield, Stubbs, Baines, Kendall, Reid, Harvey, Thomas, Latchford, and Sharp.
macca149, Cheltenham, 7:32 PM 9/06/2010
Dixie Dean, Alex Young, Alan Ball, Colin Harvey... How could these not be in the side!! Theres so much better quality that could go in that side!
Sam Jones, Rhyl, 12:49 PM 19/05/2010
Do you actually know anything about Everton? This team must be a joke? I love big dunc but to have him in place of Dixie Dean or Alex Young is a crime....
Anonomous, Liverpool, 2:27 PM 22/03/2010
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