Mikky in The Middle
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1. Southall, simply the best ever
2 Neville, good defender but great going forward with excellent crossing. Good leader
3 Lescott, the perfect player
4 Watson, would be the captain. Heart and soul is everton
5 Yobo, quick and makes defending entertaining
6 Arteta, can play anywhere in midfield with class
7 Reid, battling midfielder that we could do with now Carsleys gone!
8 Cahill, you would think he was born a blue. Gets 10 plus goals a year from midfield, and gives his all
9 Kanchelskis, lightening quick and would score another 10 plus
10 Lineker, 40 in a season, alongside Dixie that would be 100 goals a year!
11 Dean, legend

Steven Broomfield

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Comments about Mikky in The Middle
Paul Gerrard in goal for the worst eleven? dont you remember richard wright? and the british transfer record signing of Steve Simonsen!!?? Ginola is the worst player ive seen in a blue shirt - lazy, arrogant, useless! Best Eleven: Manager - Kendall 1.Southall 2.Stevens 3.Wilson 4.Labone 5.Jagielka 6.Ball 7.Steven 8.Arteta 9.Dixie Dean 10.Sharpe 11. Sheedy Subs. Howard, Ratcliffe, Cahill, Mountfield, Young, Dunc
Marcos, Park End, 9:53 PM 14/06/2010
was at the last game of the season 89/90 when a certain Ray Attavelt (the new Gullit) threw his boots into the street end at the end of the game only to have them hurled back at him!!! great days!!
chaz, ormskirk, 1:17 AM 7/05/2010
Coleman? Questionable. Neville... a die hard, and love the passion, but not Evertons best ever right back. We've had plenty of fully committed players, but not always been a recipe for success. And as for Lescott and Yobo, well... Jagielka made Lescott the player he was, don't get me wrong, he was quality, and chipped in some great goals, but again, not top 11. And Yobo is far too prone to mistakes! Take Stubbsy or Goughy before him anyday, that's without going as far back as the likes of Ratcliffe and Mountfield
Rob, Bowring Park, 12:07 AM 26/03/2010
coleman already?? rooney?? as good as he is playing down the east lancs these days, surely performances in blue count higher! and as for the worst XI, ur bein a little harsh... surely there r worse players 2 choose from... craig short?? i used to despair when i saw his name on the team sheet! carl tiler... mike milligan. alex 'awol' nyarko, brett angell!!! (what was mike walker thinking with that 1!?!?!) stuart 'jigsaw' barlow... AT LEAST GIVE IT SOME PROPER THOUGHT! ;)
Alan Ball, I.O.W., 5:34 PM 24/03/2010
best 11 southall, coleman, watson, jags, baines, piennar, kanchelsks, arteta, cahill, rooney and saha worst 11, paul gerrard, hibbert, koldroup, dunne, pistone, alexanderson, linderoth, farrelly, stephen hughe, mikel madar and jo
jay munro, walton, 8:36 PM 20/03/2010
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