Alright, Jack?
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Jack Rodwell has said this is a "massive season" for him. He says injury cut into his form last season and he's determined to make sure it doesn't happen this season. Amen to that, Jack Lad.


Nobody doubts how good Jack is if he fulfills his potential. But that's the problem......will he?


Last season he spent so much of his time passing the ball across the park instead of forward or through, a lot of fans said he was a busted flush and he wasn't going to make it. Also, you could count on one hand the number of forward runs he made. Because of these two defects you couldn't blame the fans who thought he wasn't going to develop as everyone hoped.


Maybe this is why (so far) nobody has made a public bid for him. Perhaps they are waiting to see how he will fare this season. If he has a good first half to the season you'll be able to tell how good by whether any bids are made at the next transfer window. He's already been linked to Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, and even laughably Tottenham.


We're betting he comes through in style if he avoids injury. But he's going to get more physical stick in the midfield battle because the every pro in the Prem knows just how good he can be.


By professional player standards he's not a kid any more. Over to you Jack. You've now got something to prove.



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Comments about Alright, Jack?
The same things were said last season. Injuries are part of the game and he played enough games to easily recover. He does have potential to be a good Premiership player, but great? Great players give something extra, control and run midfield and generally run the show, something 've never seen Rodwell do. Good look to him for the new season and hope he can improve on last year.
Hank, Huyton, 11:08 AM 6/08/2011
He's a brilliant player who is only just beginning to realise his full potential. This season he's going tp prove it. Gerrin there Jack Lad!
Paul, Warrington, 1:59 PM 5/08/2011
RE Angry Steve: I'd check on that mate, I signed up for it a couple of days ago and mailed 188BET to confirm. They have now confirmed that I do qualify for the free shirt.
Jason, Work, 12:59 PM 5/08/2011
The old chestnut still continues to bug me - we have a good squad but - can anyone name an 11 that trips off the tongue like the good old days? Here's my stab Howard/Coleman/Jagielka/Distin/Baines/Gueye/Arteta/Fellaini/Cahill/Barkley/Saha We'll probably have 50 different teams by the end of the day which kind of proves the point and, as you can see, I don't really have clue at this stage!
Adey, Isle of Man, 12:36 PM 5/08/2011
Different note: that promo link on here yesterday for a new Everton shirt when betting £40 through 188 Bet is a scam! I deposited the £40 then started betting to qualify....just to be told it's now ended and no refund. So if you still have the link don't use it.
Angry Steve, Hot air, 11:12 AM 5/08/2011
He's a BLUE and that is enough for me. Come on Jack do the business.
Paul M, Gibraltar, 10:18 AM 5/08/2011
I watched Rodwell as a kid in the youth team as a left back and captain. He looked then as he does now, calm and collectd on the ball. It does seem to me that Moyes doesnt always know where to fit him in. We've seen him play in an attacking midfield role with at best inconsistent results, out wide where he looked lost, and in a holding midfield role where I think we see his best performances. However I think he would be a real class act at centre half, someone who can bring the ball out of defence with confidence.
Dave , Wirral, 10:51 PM 4/08/2011
Some of you guys really piss me off. Get behind your team. We're also not a selling club, but one with limited funds and a brilliant academy. We've already seen how good Rodders is. There's no question about his ability i.e. goal against United. All he needs is some consistent playing time which Moysey has been reluctant to give him, understandable since he's been competing with the best defensive mid in the league (Felli) when he hasnt been fighting niggling injuries. I for one am confident we will see more from him next season.
Tom, EFC, 10:51 PM 4/08/2011
If we have to sell to buy, then surely it should be a midfielder who goes? Arteta is an option for sale, although I would be loth to lose his creativity, and the 8 million being quoted last week is an insult, so it would make sense to sell a more defensive minded midfielder, of which we have a few options - Fellaini, Neville, Heitinga...and Rodwell. Personally, I'd sell Fellaini, who is very important to us, but will leave us soon enough anyway (probably next summer). Jack might step up to the plate then...Fellaini sign a contract or do one. Mark my words, he's the next Lescott that one.
Dave, Birkenhead, 10:02 PM 4/08/2011
The new John Ebbrell.
Jon Sellick, Donegal, 7:41 PM 4/08/2011
Let's give Rodders a chance. He took some stick last season for basically coming back from injury. He has real potential but we cannot judge him on one mediocre season or one good one.
Ian, Crosby, 7:02 PM 4/08/2011
Once Barkley breaks through we'll all forget about Rodwell.
Stevo, Liverpool, 5:59 PM 4/08/2011
FFS! You don't have to pass forward all the time for the team to move forward as a unit. He is a continuation player who looks calm and relaxed on the ball always and also has an eye for goal, so get off the lad's back and give him some support instead of moaning that he's not a world beater at his age.
Truffelini, Wirral, 4:29 PM 4/08/2011
How is Jack Rodwell included in the all time XI, have you lads gone completely bonkers?
Alfie, Dingle, 3:35 PM 4/08/2011
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