Mikel Arteta
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Mikky Arteta hasn't been the same player since his bad injury at The Skunks, which also caused him to miss the 2009 Cup Final. But ironically his best game when he returned was in a satisfying win at the same Newcastle ground last season. He had a terrific match and looked much more like the player we all know he can be. Unfortunately, though, he couldn't maintain consistency.


By the end of last season there were mutterings he had lost interest and wanted to return to Spain because his son was ill and he felt he could recover better if nearer to his family. Transfer rumours were rife, especially concerning Atletico Madrid. Now it looks as though he is likely to still be here next season.


This is good news if he can recapture his best form. The thought of an on-song centre midfield trio of Fellaini-Arteta-Rodwell is enough to revive memories of great former midfields at the Old Lady. It will give pause for thought at a lot of other clubs facing them too. At their best these three are a match for anyone.


Mikky has given us some tremendous memories, chief of all being that marvellous goal against Fiorentina in the UEFA Cup, his last derby match goal and the last minute equaliser against the Mancs. All we ask is that he rediscovers his best from somewhere and shows us just how great he can be.


Many Evertonians love Mikky but still feel that he owes us a good season after the club and the fans stood by him during the bad injury times. So what could be better than a refreshed Mikky firing on all cylinders again and giving us one last great show before he goes home to settle down in Spain.




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Comments about Mikel Arteta
Mikky's brilliant even if he's nearly a veteran player. I just hope the injuries don't mean we've seen the best of him. Can't see him being here by season 2012-2013 assuming he doesn't go before the present window closes. Love him to bits, just wish he hadn't got injured when he was on a roll.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 12:38 PM 30/07/2011
The man's got class written all over him. Some fans have very short memories.
George Peo, Liverpool, 8:20 PM 29/07/2011
Arteta owes us nothing from the price that we got all in all he cost us 2.5 million including his loan spell! Why are people saying "one more season" this guy has more than one season in him surely? He's 29 and there are so many great players still great until 32, there is at least 3 season's left in him, i think he will see out his contract! For the people who say he owes us one more season because of injury (which aren't his fault):- 2005-06 Fans' Player of the Season, Players' Player of the Season awards 2006-07 Player of the Season Award, Premiership's 'Midfielder of the Year' 2007-08 Player of the Season Award, ACTIM Index as the sixth best player in the Premiership 2008-09 North West Footballer of the Year award, Liverpool Echo's Sports Personality of the Year I think we got our 2.5 million's worth!
Jordan, Wirral, 10:44 PM 28/07/2011
To think Moyes wasn't going to sign him permanently in 2005 because he was chasing Parker. I'd say his return in the 09/10 season was fantastic. In games against Hull and City he was brilliant. He started last season badly, like the whole team, but never picked up form. Last summer we could have got 15-20 mil for him and got our highest earner off the wage bill. It would have hurt but in I'd have taken it at the time. But he's still here and while he is he'll remain one of our better players and one of the best we've had in the last 20 years.
Tito, Brazil, 8:21 PM 27/07/2011
Arteta is good, but he is not great. He is not a centre midfielder. His best position is right of midfield.
Everton supporter, Liverpool, 5:06 PM 27/07/2011
I don't believe he did loose his class, he's always been the player he used to be. It's just because he was being played out of position, stick him on the wing he gets us them clever free-kicks and pin point deliveries where all his assists come from.
Wilwam, Chester, 4:15 PM 27/07/2011
AT 2million, he was a bargain and we have had our money's worth already. Lets just give him another season...if Moyes gives him the freedom, then I think he will come good again. If not let him go home.
Matt, Stoke, 2:45 PM 27/07/2011
How can Big Tommy say that about Arteta, he absolutely loves Everton, sorry but we don't need supporters like you.
Steve, Liverpool., 1:53 PM 27/07/2011
He's the best I've ever seen at Goodison in my 15 years of watching. The simple reason he played poor last year was the injury and the fact he was deployed as a centre mid when he's clearly better on the wing.
Mr Jones, Merseyside, 12:53 PM 27/07/2011
Arteta - A great player when he wants to be. Shows the odd flash of brilliance, and has one/two good games in 10 but that's it. As for his corners and free kicks.....oh dear. He owes the club a lot, but somehow I don't think we'll see anything special from him next season either.
Sam, Cheshire, 12:52 PM 27/07/2011
" He had a terrific match and looked much more like the player we all know he can be. Unfortunately, though, he couldn't maintain consistency" He got injured in the first ten minutes of the very next game. muppets. He's our best player. make no mistake. When Arteta plays, Everton play. - He'll be back to his best this season.
John EFC, Liverpool, 12:01 PM 27/07/2011
Mikel Arteta is one of the best players to come to the club in the last ten years. He got that bad injury after a brilliant run of form that took present Everton team play to another level. Anyone who can't see that knows nothing about football. I hope he has made a full recovery and gives us one more season.
Spectator, Crosby, 10:37 AM 27/07/2011
No pride! You gotta be joking. He is pure class and if fit can still dictate the midfield. Best starting 11 I agree except I would play Heitinga at RB. Bench Mucha Neville Osman Beckford (for another season) Gueye Vellios Barkley
Mike, Chester, 10:18 AM 27/07/2011
I don't feel like Mikel owes us anything but we all know how good he is, if he can get back on top form it'd be.........erm, dare I say like a new signing? Sorry for the cliche guys.
Chris, Hoth, 9:32 AM 27/07/2011
I hope the best little Spaniard I know still has juice in the tank. Like with most of out players, when there on form.......AWESOME COYB
Jerry, Liv, 9:24 AM 27/07/2011
Can't argue with that summary on Mikel, and he's intelligent enough hopefully to realise and accept that expectation we have of him.
Andy, Warrington, 9:18 AM 27/07/2011
Starting 11 for 2012 Howard Neville Distin Jagielka Baines Rodwell Arteta Fellaini Coleman Cahill Saha That's by far our best 11 on it's day. Bench: Mucha Hibbert Yakubu Yobo Osman Heitinga Barkley Anyone agree?
Need , Everton, 9:00 AM 27/07/2011
Arteta class! Every top player has an indifferent season he'll be top class this year watch this space. One of the few players who can produce something out of nothing. Has to be played out wide tho.
Dan , Chester, 8:44 AM 27/07/2011
He's only staying with us for the money, no pride in the shirt, he plays with no passion, get rid of him while we can.
Big Tommy, Litherland, 6:22 AM 27/07/2011
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