Everton Christian Names XI
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This is a Great Everton Team made up of players whose surnames are also Christian names!

Is there any other club who could get anywhere near this team using the same criterion? I Don't think so. 

Keeper: Tim HOWARD.

Defenders: Phil NEVILLE, Jimmy GABRIEL, Colin TODD, Ray WILSON.

Midfield: Trevor STEVEN, Colin HARVEY, Tony KAY, Dave THOMAS.

Strikers: Roy VERNON, W.R.(Dixie) DEAN.

Subs: Duncan McKENZIE, Alex SCOTT, Nigel MARTYN, Graeme STUART

Player Manager Howard KENDALL.  

Thanks, Albie Charles.  

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Comments about Everton Christian Names XI
Hi Lee,Yes Adrian Heath would qualify,but the best he could hope for would be a place on the Subs bench. A great Sub to have but Vernon and Dean must be first in line. By the way I could name another 20 who would also fit the bill but in my humble opinion the Team I named is the best of them all. PS. Be nice to see a challenger to them. Maybe starting with Nigel Martyn.?
Albie Charles, Gloucester, 4:35 PM 21/07/2011
Sorry Mike you're right, thought you were referring to the black and white shot
Pat Small, Southport, 2:41 PM 20/07/2011
What about Adrian HEATH
Lee Hinton, Warrington, 2:26 PM 20/07/2011
If you chage the requirement from "christian name" to "first name" you can include Leon Osman. In Turkey Osman is as common as a first name as it as a surname. NB It's not a Muslim name either - originates in central Asia before the Turks converted to Islam.
Osman Osman, Ottoman Empire, 1:56 PM 20/07/2011
In reply to Reality Tvland. McKenzie and its variant Mackenzie are both male and female Christian names. You have obviously never heard of the actor Mackenzie Crook born 1971- nor it seems the singer Wilson Pickett? Too young I suspect! Now in reply to Mike. "I never put that photo in," Bluekipper added it.
Albie Charles , Gloucester, 7:33 PM 19/07/2011
Scottish mate of mine's middle name is Mackenzie, so we can allow that one. As for Wilson, not so sure! And oh, dear Lord, I wish we had a few of those others for this coming season. That would be a half decent team.
Hotpants, Liverpool, 6:34 PM 19/07/2011
I feel you're stretching the criteria a bit there using Wilson and Mackenzie.
Mackenzie Wilson , Reality TVland, 2:29 PM 19/07/2011
In your photo it is Alex Scot not Colin Harvey.
Mike O'Brien, USA, 1:06 PM 19/07/2011
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