Dixie And Dunc Lead Everton All Time XI
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My best XI:

1: Neville Southall
2: Gary Stevens
3: Leighton Baines
4: Kevin Ratcliffe
5: Brian Labone
6: Peter Reid
7: Trevor Steven
8: Alan Ball
9: Duncan Ferguson
10: Dixie Dean
11: Kevin Sheedy

Subs :
12: Phil Neville
13: Tim Howard
14: Tim Cahill
15: Wayne Rooney
16:Pat Van Den Hauwe.

Doug from South Wales !

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Comments about Dixie And Dunc Lead Everton All Time XI
what no Bobby Collins
ken boltonscouse, bolton, 10:32 AM 5/07/2011
With a forward line like that you need a winger. The best I have ever seen was Dave Thomas.
Kev, Moreton, 3:14 PM 4/07/2011
What about the Latch ?
FUNKY GIBLET, WIRRAL, 1:05 PM 23/06/2011
Doug. You made one big mistake. Not in your team selection, but in your team order. The first ever number 9 in the world should be re-instated not given a no.10 shirt. Follow? If you know your history!
Peter, Liverpool 6, 6:58 PM 7/06/2011
I have supported Everton since 1948 and will support them until i kick the bucket. All teams and players are your favouretts at their peak. My stars Gabby ,, Ring,, Alex Young ,,Ray Wilson Vernon.,,Ferguson Latchford. Just an old blues opinion. Good luck lads.
Scousegeordie, Northumberland, 4:58 PM 6/06/2011
Can't believe there is no Sharpy, Colin Harvey wasn't a bad player. I love Dunc but Sharpy would be one of the first names on the team sheet.
Joe, Orrell Park, 9:34 AM 1/06/2011
Love Dunc & Sharpy, but how come there's no mention of Tommy Lawton?
Paddy, L11, 11:22 PM 31/05/2011
Lineker would not be available if chosen due to the longest toe injury in football history
Pete, Anglesey, 4:36 PM 31/05/2011
I think the title MY best XI means he can choose who HIS favourite players are.
Sabastian, Liverpool, 12:07 PM 31/05/2011
Links ??? (Gary)!
Tom, waterloo, 9:33 AM 31/05/2011
what sort of formation are you talking about and what era would they have played in? To put Duncan Ferguson ahead of Dave Hickson or Graeme Sharp is a nonsense. What about Ray Wilson? A much better left back than Leighton Baines and as has already been said no sign of the "golden vision" blistered feet and all.
John, Wallasey, 8:54 AM 31/05/2011
Great team. Big Dunc before Sharpy never.
Woody, Livepool, 10:39 PM 30/05/2011
Great team even without Young!
Adam, Edinburgh, 9:42 PM 30/05/2011
Good grief to exclude The Golden Vision completely beggers belief. You clearly don't know your history.
Chris, Bootle, 6:34 PM 30/05/2011
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