Worst or Best XI
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Ibrahim Back of The Echo
Ibrahim Back of The Echo
Per Kroldrup
Per Kroldrup
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GK: T. Mhyre

RB: A. Xavier

CB: P. Kroldrup

LB: L. Wei Feng


RW: T. Linderoth

CM: Li Tie

CM: A. Nyarko

LW: I. Tal


ST: J. Max-Moore

ST: I. Bakayoko

ST: M. Madar

Ren Kent

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Comments about Worst or Best XI
Some right knobhead suggestions here! Rob the Poll certainly had more than decent games and Pistone was a class defender. Joe Max had his day too.
Paul Newton, Bootle, 3:04 PM 23/11/2014
Baardsen, Hottinger, Claus Thompson, Kholdrup, Sansom. Williamson, Pembridge, Preki. Barlow, Angel, Bakayoko.
steve, warrington, 2:30 PM 23/11/2014
Earl Barrett was awful he used to run 100 metres in 10secs but forget to take the ball. I think if you say oster then Beagrie must have been close, both very skill full but lost the ball too many times. I think Cadamatari was poor once he lost his dreadlocks.
stu, Blackburn, 3:22 PM 22/11/2014
Worst keeper is a toss up between David Lawson and Dai Davies both poor keepers!
John, Wrexham , 7:10 PM 1/02/2012
And what about Vinny Samways? Or does scoring a winner at Wembley absolve him?
Spragg bj, NZ, 1:51 AM 22/11/2011
Paul Gerrard was the worst goalkeeper ive seen regulary play for Everton. Pistone should be in the worst XI i truly despised that man, Walter Smith's Everton XI should be the 11. What a shite manager!
Paul Mclean, Bootle, 8:40 PM 21/11/2011
No mention of Robert Warzycha? Absolute crap. I once saw him take a corner and almost hit the corner the other end of the pitch!
Mike OBrien, Auckland, New Zealand, 8:43 AM 9/06/2011
I agree with most of that mob, I'd throw Cleland over Xavier (even though he was that useless most of us didn't give a bollox that he went to the shite), and Li Tie wasn't that bad in fairness. Bakyougogo was just horrendous...
Marty Slevin, Dublin, 7:16 PM 17/05/2011
Pistone surely has to be one of the worst
Ste, Liverpool, 6:58 PM 17/05/2011
Li Wei Feng was not given much of a chance (only 2 appearances if I remember well) and I don't think it's fair to include any who played less than 10 games. Also, cannot agree that Brett Angell is not on the list. Last but not least, how come Myhre is worse than Paul Gerrard or Richard Wright ?!?!?!?!?
Adolf, Hong Kong, 4:50 PM 17/05/2011
Myhre over Espen Baardsen? Taking the piss arent you?
Anthony, Maghull, 1:08 PM 17/05/2011
Van der Meyde has got to be there? How about Mark Hughes or Simon Davies?
Adam Mitchell, Edinburgh, 7:58 PM 16/05/2011
Moore Moore Moore how do you like it, how do you like it! He scored a decent amount and I wouldn't put him in the worst X1. Idan Tal was never given the chance. I remember me and my mate always wondering if Smith would play him, and was not very often. Occasional sub but looked decent and played for Notlob for a while after us if i remember correctly. Brett Angel & Rodrigo over J. Max-Moore & Bakayoko
John, Manchester, 2:44 PM 16/05/2011
Slightly harsh having Linderoth in here, especially when we have had worse midfielders in the form of Scott Gemmil & Danny Williamson. I know Ii Tie is on here but remember his goal against Rangers in the pre season friendly. Absolute screamer!!!
Carlos, Kirkby, 10:02 AM 16/05/2011
Worst goalkeeper Dave Lawson. Sums up the 70s for me. Frustrating!!!
Ian, Crosby, 2:03 AM 16/05/2011
Col, Gough may of been 40ish but he was still decent. Worst centre halves would include Clause Jorgensen definately. Li tie seems harsh also, especially when we've had people like Danny Williamson, John Oster, Gareth Farrelly (That goal excepted). What about Stephen Hughes, Mark Pembridge, Tony Grant. Forwards would have to include Stuart Barlow surely as well as Brett Angell? Goalie is a straight fight between Paul Gerrard and Richard Wright!!!
Joel, Cardiff, 12:53 AM 16/05/2011
Scott Gemmill. I uesd to cringe when I saw him on the team sheet...
Austin O, Ireland, 11:28 PM 15/05/2011
Thomas Mhyre was the best keeper we have had since Martyn.
Shaun, Ireland, 8:56 PM 15/05/2011
Brief career for Everton, minutes rather than months, Glenn Keeley. Truly awful
Redundant, Belthorn, 8:52 PM 15/05/2011
Without Madar and Myhre we would have certainly got relegated.
Karl, Ormskirk, 8:44 PM 15/05/2011
Bit harsh to have Li Tie in there. He was good in his first season and then had his shin smashed in training for China. Is Myhre really worse than Wessels?
Grongy, Salford, 8:33 PM 15/05/2011
Please feel free to swap Mikel Madar, for Victor Anichibie. At least Madar scored occasionaly and at least tried to stand up most of the time when tackled .
COYBL25, WOOLTON, 8:14 PM 15/05/2011
Li Tie had a great season 2004/05 when we finished 4th. The rest were a big let down
Martyn, Llandudno, 7:49 PM 15/05/2011
Li Tie was a great player for us for 2 season don't think he deserves to be anywhere near our worst 11. Kroldrup wasn't really given the opportunities and subsequently should also be no-where near a worst 11 in fact in the Villa game one of the only times any Evertonian seen him play he was quite good. As for Joe Max-Moore I honestly believe he was a quality forward who unfortunately was squandered under Walter Smith.
Ciaran, Belfast, 6:40 PM 15/05/2011
I would not be Max-Moore in this list. He was very often our super sub!
Ajay, UAE, 4:52 PM 15/05/2011
He scores goals galore joe max moore, oooooo Joe Max Moore!!! Why isnt Claus Thomson on here or Hottiger? earl barrett? Ferrari? Oster?
Scott, Fazak, 4:48 PM 15/05/2011
Dont agree with Li Tie, Xavier (although he turned out to be a bell), JM Moore, I Tal or Linderoth. Not great but not the worst!
Nik , Luton, 3:47 PM 15/05/2011
Max Moore wasn't bad.
Oscar Tomo, Perth, 2:41 PM 15/05/2011
It depends in how old you are but Rod Belfitt was the worst player player ever .
David Kelly, Litherland, 2:16 PM 15/05/2011
GK. Wessels LB. Pistone RB. Xavier CB. Gough (when he was 40+) CB. Kroldrup LW. Pembridge RW. Van der Meyde CM. Gemmill CM. Li Tie ST. Anichiebe ST. Chadwick
Col, Liverpool, 2:04 PM 15/05/2011
I loved Tommy in goal! He used to really get the crowd going too!
Pip, Wirral, 1:13 PM 15/05/2011
My Favourite overseas X1 are. Howard, Heitinga, Yobo, Distin, Valente, Fellaini, Kanchelskis, Limpar, Cahill, Arteta, Amokachi. subs Donovan, Pat Van den Hauwe.
baz, warwick, 12:01 PM 15/05/2011
I would go along with most of that .... swap Richard Wright for Thomas Myhre and Brett Angell for Joe Max Moore.
Darryll, Preston, 11:48 AM 15/05/2011
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