Scottish XI
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My best XI is an all Scottish team.

1- George Wood
2- Alex Parker
3- Richard Gough
4-Jimmy Gabriel
5 - Davie Weir
6- John Collins
7-Alex Young
8-Andy Gray
9-Big Duncan
10- Bobby Collins
11- Graeme Sharp

Subs, John Connolly, Asa Hartford, Bruce Rioch, Alex Scott, Gary Naysmith.

Manager: David Moyes

 Charlie, Dundee.

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Blue Kipper, Everton, 7:20 AM 14/05/2011
Hi Guys, Rangers supporter and season ticket holder here, but I have always had a soft spot for Everton since Alex Scott went down to join you and one of my best mates is a massive Evertonian. Was looking at the Scottish XI and realised there could be a Rangers XI that went between the two clubs.... Hope you don't mind!!! Probably missed out someone, but here you go! 1 Mhyre 2 Stevens 3 Gough 4 Weir 5 Clelland 6 Scott 7 Gazza 8 Steven/McCall 9 Arteta 10 Gray 11 Big Dunc Subs. Ball, Kanchelskis, Johnston, Rideout, Durrant,
Rbt1548, Glasgow, 11:03 AM 13/05/2011
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Blue Kipper, Everton, 12:01 PM 8/05/2011
Can't believe nobody has mentioned the great left winger Tommy Ring. Anybody who saw him play, even though his Everton career was short due to injury, would agree that he should be in there. If you don't believe me check out what Alex Young says about him in his book.
Gerry Ring, Mayo Ireland, 6:00 AM 8/05/2011
Can't believe there's no place for Ian Wilson, John Spencer or even the marauding Alec clelland- peace xx
Bigbird, Dingle, 8:15 PM 7/05/2011
No John Spencer??? hahaha
Blue Dan, Wigan, 7:57 PM 7/05/2011
John Collins!!! Are you having a laugh?
Alano, Liverpool, 6:39 PM 7/05/2011
Alex Scott was one of the most gifted players I ever saw.!!! Winger of pure class. Would walk into any team of mine. Also Tommy Ring who we signed from Clyde in 59. Alas a bad leg break finished his time with us. Two old blue boys worth a mention.
Eddie, Isle Of Mann, 6:16 PM 7/05/2011
I'd say Stuart Mccall, Pat Nevin, and Don Hutchison were all better midfielders than John Collins.
Ian Hughes, Bootle, 10:41 AM 7/05/2011
Wheres Stuart McCall?
Ach, Notts, 9:51 PM 6/05/2011
Unbalanced- you need 1 Georgie Wood 2 Alex Parker(me Dad says) 3 Naysmith (pre injury) 4 Davie Weir 5 Gough 6 Jimmy Gabriel 7 pat Nevin 8 Golden Vision(Thanks Dad) 9 Sharpy 10 Bobby Collins(Ditto) 11 john Collins 4-3-3
Scullhed, Bray, Ireland, 6:31 PM 6/05/2011
What about versatile Sandy Brown
Pete Roberts, Anglesey, 4:17 PM 6/05/2011
I agree drop John Collins and bring in Pat Nevin
Sean, Skem, 4:02 PM 6/05/2011
Sharpy, Andy Gray and Big Dunc up front together... I like it!!
Ped Pearl, Liverpool, 2:51 PM 6/05/2011
Oh to have Bobby Collins, the Golden Vision, Big Dunc, Sharpy and Andy Gray available for the last three games...
Andy, Warrington, 2:04 PM 6/05/2011
What no Pat Nevin! Come on!
Mark, Wellington NZ, 1:37 PM 6/05/2011
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