Everton Best XI
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I've been supporting the lads for 47 years and this would be my Best Everton XI would be:  

1. Big Nev   2. Tommy Wright  5. Brian Labone 6. The Rat  3. Ray Wilson  7. Tricky Trev  4. Howard Kendall  8. Alan Ball  10. Colin Harvey  11. Gary Lineker 9. Graeme Sharp.

Subs: Gordon West, Phil Neville, The Jag, Wacko Watson, Kevin Sheedy, Big Joe Royle, Young Wayne.

Big Dave, Bucks

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Comments about Everton Best XI
Hellooo guys We love Everton :)
jord and jack , school , 10:55 AM 7/03/2011
I've been watching Everton since 1957. My team would be 4-3-3 West, Gary Stevens, Labone, Ratcliffe, Wilson, Gabriel, Collins, Kay, Ball, Vernon and Ring. Subs Southall, Young, Hickson, Reid, Mountfield, Sheedy. It is such a difficult choice all the players in the team where immense either for pace power strength skill or the ability to score goals but for me they are the best I saw. I am sure anybody who was lucky enough to see Dixie would have him in the team and I would not disagree.
Frank, Huyton, 11:28 AM 10/01/2011
4-4-2 : Southall, G Stevens, Labone, Ratcliffe, Wilson, Steven, Reid, Ball, Sheedy, Dean, Lineker. Subs: Howard, Big Dunc, Sharpy, Latchford, Alex Young, Harvey & Kendall
Joe, Norris Green, 7:54 PM 27/12/2010
Been watching Everton since 1955. All time team for me: Southall,Wright,Labone, Ratcliffe, Wilson, Steven, Ball, Tony Kay, Morrissey, Roy Vernon, Latchford.
Brian Swift, St Helens, 11:09 PM 5/12/2010
Great team Dave. Can't fault it. So here's the commentry from anfield... 'thompson outside to callaghan, callaghan swiftly inside to dalgleish.. dalgleish on the edge of the Everton box..lethal moments for the Everton fans. Well disposessed by Tommy Wright, inside to Labone who calms things down, Labone to Kendall in the middle of the field, evedes carraghers challenge.. to Harvey everton gaining momentum..Harvey outside to Ball who's running in, back to Harvey, Kendall on his right.. Harvey back to Ball.. liverpool just can't get hold of the ball.. there's a gap ball slides it through .. Lineker on the edge of the area...goal! what a strike by Gary Lineker, and the Evertonians are going bezerk! .. carlsberg never sponsored everton, we didn't bloody need them to be the greatest!
pete w, tuebrook, 10:16 PM 20/10/2010
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