Campbell Leads The Line
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I sadly missed the domes big years. But from 1994 onwards mine is:-

Best XI: Martyn, Jags, Watson, Lescott, Kanchelskis, Arteta, Parkinson, Speed, Cahill, Rooney, Campbell.

Subs: Dunc only -

With that side we would win the league.

Beno, Warrington

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Comments about Campbell Leads The Line
who put the ball in the red sh**e's net,who put the ball in the red sh**e's net,who put the ball in the red sh**e's net, SUPER KEVIN CAMPBELL!!!!!!!!!
James Owens, Currently Afghnistan, 2:53 AM 14/10/2010
I'd of had Limpar in there myself
Richy, egypt, 7:55 AM 13/10/2010
Martyn???? you having a laugh? Big Nev Southall anyday! I wouldnt have Lescott. I'd rather have Rhino. Gravesen not a chance he was too stop start. and Nuts? Nah. I notice not many from 95 FA cup. I think Graham Stuart and Big Vinny Samways should get on the bench at least.
SeaDodger, Portsmouth, 10:40 AM 12/10/2010
Mike - that's easy we haven't had many decent fullbacks that would make me opt out of that midfield other than baines - barret, hottinger,thomas, mitch ward, o'kane etc etc - so bainsey misses out with a change in formation. It would be 3-5-2 with Speed or Spud taking up the left for me. The team has plenty of skill with a tough heart, and huge goal threat - should score around 90 to 100 goals, whilst not shipping many in with a solid back 3 & Nige, screend by Joe 'he puts Ince and Keane in his back pocket' Parkinson. Martyn - simple I don't rate Pienaar or Gravesen that highly.
beno, warrington, 8:20 PM 11/10/2010
Lescott over Jagielka? and I'd say big Nev as well, he won the FA Cup Final on his own in that 2nd half!
Dayne, Swansea, 8:19 PM 11/10/2010
Super Lee....?
Mark, Near town, 1:36 PM 11/10/2010
Not a very balanced side. No full backs and no left sided midfield player. I'm 21 and my best 11 would probably be the team we've got now except get Kanchelskis on the right and Rooney up front. We'd win the league!
Mike, Liverpool, 10:53 AM 11/10/2010
If your team is after 94 what about Gravesen and Nuts?
martyn, llandudno, 8:17 PM 10/10/2010
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