Sharp Leads The Best XI
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My all time Everton best XI is:

Southall, Stevens, Mountfield, Ratcliffe, Van Den Hawue, Steven, Arteta, Reid, Sheedy, Sharp, Latchford.

Subs: Martyn, Jagielka, Pienaar, Gravesen, Ferguson.

Tony Martin, Allerton.

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Comments about Sharp Leads The Best XI
It's easy jay. if you really want to build your dream Everton team you follow these steps. first you stick southall in goal (as you did ). that means no goals against us. Ok so far Jay? Then you HAVE to put Harvey,Kendall and Alan Ball in the middle. O.K matey. Now put whoever you want in front or behind them because them three will have the ball all day! Simple isn't it ?
Pete W, Tuebrook, 11:57 PM 8/10/2010
My 1st game i seen was the 84 cup final so from then my top team is 4-4-2 1.Southall 2.Stevens 3.Baines 4.Ratcliffe 5.Lescott (sorry) 6.Reid 7.Kanchelskis 8.Cahill 9.Sharp 10.Lineker 11.Sheedy 12.Gray 13.Campbell 14.Steven 15.Stuart 16.Limpar 17.Speed 18.Parkinson
Dom Wilkinson, Toxteth, 10:41 PM 8/10/2010
Best XI, without Alex Young the Golden Vision, one of the greatest players to grace the Goodison turf ? No Jimmy Gabriel, Alex Parker, and no Alan Ball, Howerd Kendall, Colin Harvey (The Holy Trinity)? Me thinks Mr Martin is trying to provoke us!!!!
Don Maddocks, Devon, 6:10 PM 8/10/2010
You missed some beauties Jay. how about Alex Parker (RB) Ray Wilson Best ever LB Gabby Labone And Reidee . You also missed Ball Latch Dixie Dunc & And Tommy Ring Best left winger I can remember
Scousegeordie, Northumberland, 3:37 PM 8/10/2010
Mountfield, and no Labone or Dave Watson? and no representative of the best midfield ever to play the game! Take more water with it Jay!
Steve, Phuket, Thailand, 12:06 PM 7/10/2010
No Dixie or Ball?
Jay, Liverpool, 5:01 PM 5/10/2010
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