Brian Labone On Roy Vernon
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"Taffy Vernon was about ten stone wet through. He looked as athletic as Pinocchio."

Brian Labone on Roy Vernon, who  topped the goal scoring charts in his first four seasons at Everton. He was the perfect partner for Alex Young. He scored a hat-trick in a famous 4-1 win over Fulham at Goodison. The win in Everton's final match of the 1962/63 season brought the title to Goodison for the first time since the war.

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Comments about Brian Labone On Roy Vernon
I still say he had a fag in the kick - in . It was cupped in his hand. Cant remember what he did with the stump. Did he throw it on the pitch or wait till half time to dispose of it. What a player. He never missed a penalty. True legend.
Eddie Hallsworth, Isle of Mann, 6:22 AM 22/02/2013
My first Everton hero. Great two footed player and tremendous goal scoring record for Everton,
Tony Hardy, Wallasey, 4:18 AM 19/10/2012
I can remember waiting outside the players entrance for him to emerge. He was out with a groin strain. After signing for us. He noticed his taxi was waiting and he sprinted for it through rain. Some groin strain!
mike berry, upper bullens, 8:15 PM 18/10/2012
The Corinthian was spot on. Roy was a sneaky bugger who gave as good as he got. He was the penalty king and the Blonde God's foil. He may certainly have had the crafty fag but he was deadly in the penalty box. another Blue Legend
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hampshire, 7:41 PM 18/10/2012
Was at the game Alec Scott got the other goal, Roy Vernon had one the hardest shot I've ever seen and was also a brilliant forward, he was a very tough cookie and could take care of himself, following season the Blues played Fulham again on the first home game and beat them 3-1, Roy scored again, so we beat them in 2 successive home games!!
Bill Thomas, Bootle, 7:16 PM 18/10/2012
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