Sorry For Ruining Your Dream Final
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"Sorry for ruining your 'dream final'."

Everton manager Joe Royle at the post match press conference after Everton had beaten Spurs 4-1 in The FA Cup Semi Final 9thbApril 1995. Thus the deam final, predicted by press and pundits, featuring Man Utd and Spurs was not going to happen.

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Comments about Sorry For Ruining Your Dream Final
The semi was the best game I have ever been to. I was sitting right behind the goal Amo scored at. If it wasn't for the diving Klinsmamn we wouldn't have let a goal in that whole campaign.
Pip, Wirral, 8:25 PM 9/10/2012
I do believe big joe said that and then said right away so bollocks to your dream final. Quite simply one of the greatest days of my Everton supporting life
Andy, Huyton , 2:23 PM 9/10/2012
After the match Big Joe said Amo was stripped and on the pitch before Joe told him. What an impact he had! What a game!
Spectator, Crosby, 12:38 PM 9/10/2012
They didnt give us a chance in the semi or in the final.
Martyn, Llandudno, 8:52 PM 8/10/2012
Remember the Semi Final well, and the Escla bus only just getting to the game in time. Then taking what seem forever to get home after going via every road but the one south!
Cambs blue, Stuck on the edge of the fens, 8:15 PM 8/10/2012
I met a great friend in Rotterdam when we played Feyonoord that year, still see each other often now. Thankfully their dream final never happened.
Alan, Hinckley, 12:30 PM 8/10/2012
Scarface Hansen said he thought it wud be a "purists final with man united and spurs!" , what a total dickhead
Alan, Warrington, 10:24 PM 7/10/2012
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