Arteta - Everton Is Home To Me
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"When you are at home and you are building a beautiful house and you are close to completing it, you want to enjoy that house. You don't want to move away, and that is how I feel about Everton."

Mikel Arteta On Signing A New 5 Year Contract - August 2010.

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Comments about Arteta - Everton Is Home To Me
Commitment has never been an issue with Mr Arteta, he's defo a true blue and well loved. i just wanna see him grab more games by the scruff of the neck and show hes one of the top performers in europe, theres nothing this man hasnt got and he needs to go down as one of Evertons artistic legends.
Paul smith, stockbridge village, 1:33 PM 21/05/2011
just ordered the new home shirt with the best little spaniard we know on the back... love this guy make him captain!!!!
antonio, dublin, 3:27 AM 19/08/2010
the man is pure class
iain, irvine ayrshire, 10:06 PM 18/08/2010
I cant put into words how much I love this man an this club. Up there with the greatest ever players to pull on an everton shirt, the late Alan Ball is looking down in admiration for this guy. Legend!!!!
sean , liverpool, 9:39 PM 17/08/2010
Is there anything this lad cant do? Magician on the pitch and master wordsmith off it. Thats one of them quotes that we'll all be rattling out in 20 years, like the quotes such as 'One Evertonian is worth 20 Liverpudlians' or 'I'd break every bone in my body for any club I played for, but I'd die for Everton' (Dave Hickson what a legend) Cant wait for Mikky's quote to be on cups in the Everton One and Two
Paul H, Walton, 1:48 PM 17/08/2010
that's why he's the best little spaniard we know
theo, london, 1:33 PM 17/08/2010
agreed, absolute legend mikky, thanks for showing loyalty in the game
danny, at work, 1:03 PM 17/08/2010
Oscar Wilde could not have put it any better!
BadgerBill, Set, 1:03 PM 17/08/2010
I love this man more by the day!
Jo, Crawley, 12:55 PM 17/08/2010
This guy is truley amazing - With most players moving around for extra £££ all the time he took a educated decision on what actually makes him happy, which is clearly playing for us. I hope against Wolves he gets a extra big cheer, I can't wait to see him in action for the whole season, Arteta u r different class
Steve broomfield, Hornchurch, 11:53 AM 17/08/2010
one word, legend
mike, liverpool, 11:14 AM 17/08/2010
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