Everton Target Italian International
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Roberto Martinez has targeted Juventus centre-half Angelo Ogbonna as cover for the Everton first pick pair of Jagielka and Stones.

Although youngsters Ty Browning and Brendan Galloway will join the senior squad, Roberto wants an experienced defender to step in when needed now that Distin and Alcaraz have left the club.

Bonna (to his mates) is a left footer who has won two consecutive Italian Championships with Juve making 30 appearances for the Old Lady last season and 22 times the previous year.

Although not a first team regular at Juve, the 27 year old has 10 Italian caps and has Champions League and Europa League experience.

It's thought that Bonna would cost around £8m with Villa, Southampton and Bolognia keeping an eye on things.  

Is Bonna worth a punt? Comment Below

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Comments about Everton Target Italian International
He's past his sell by date, like a melted Neopolitan ice cream. Get Ashley Williams from Swansea.
Max Hughes, New Malden, 10:34 AM 12/07/2015
Proper getting anoid now it must be the worst time of year for us evertonians. Transfer central linked with every man and his dog and apparently getting done by the likes of skunks and them southern shandy drinking irons in the signing of supposed targets bobby get your head out of last nights paella and get kenwright to sort you out with the cash or come out and say its all paper bull please
Gaz Bloomfield , Heysham , 3:33 PM 9/07/2015
Ogbonna sounds a gonna,lets get Scott Dan,he won't be far from his Scottie roots and lets turn a blind eye to his red tinted colours,he'll do for me if he wants to come up Norf.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 6:14 PM 28/06/2015
I would prefer Ashley Williams myself, good solid experienced centre half. He is thirty okay but I personally think centre backs peak in their early thirties. Plus I wouldnt be in a hurry to go back to Serie A for a defender after the Kroldrup disaster.
Wallet, Dublin, 8:11 PM 27/06/2015
@Azzurro, sorry m8 but I have to disagree. For an player, Turin (Geographicaly) is one of the most boring places to play and the training grounds are out in the middle of nowhere. The city it's self is more for the older generation and its too far from its closest main city Milan to travel. Good club though (when they're not buying the title with backhanders).
Doug, Liverpool, 9:54 PM 25/06/2015
Ryan at number 4 what a spanner blue is 27 how is that too old?
Dave , Warrington , 8:55 PM 24/06/2015
Too old. Too expensive. End of. Move on.
Ryan, Bournemouth, 2:47 PM 24/06/2015
I dont think with his potential price tag and ability he will be cover for anyone. From what i have read he is a class act, and i hope we sign him. I also like Scott Dann as i have a liking for the "no frills" solid, put your body in, clear your lines type defenders as the Prem is a rough and tumble league with no time to smoke a cigar, so i would be happy with either if it happened.
LES, CHESHIRE, 2:40 PM 24/06/2015
I wouldn't spend 8m on reserve CF
pat, Dublin, 11:10 AM 24/06/2015
Though not quite in the same league as his stable mates Bonucci, Barzagli and Chiellini, he is, nevertheless, a good solid defender. I doubt he will come to Everton to warm the bench though. He can do that in Turin which is a much more pleasant place to be.
Azzurro, Wirral, 9:11 AM 24/06/2015
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