Garbutt Ready To Stay At Everton
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When Blue Kipper interviewed Roberto Martinez before the end of the season, we asked about Luke Garbutt and his new contract negotiations.

The Everton manager said: "As a football club we've done everything we should have done. We've acted with class. We've always wanted to keep Luke Garbutt."

The fact that Garbutt was left out of the last two games as Brenden Galloway made his Everton debut, pointed to the fact that Luke had chosen to leave Everton and either Swansea or Bournmouth would be his likely destination.

While the Everton left back was helping England Under 21's win against Sweden at the weekend, news has been filtering through that he will now sign a new 5 year contract with Everton and go out on a season loan to Bournemouth.

Nothing has been confirmed by the club and most probably won't until the European Under 21 tournament is over, but it all sounds like a good outcome.

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Comments about Garbutt Ready To Stay At Everton
Starkfish your the bimbo you lad! Need more like you.
Karl, Liverpool, 11:25 PM 29/06/2015
Hopefully this will happen and be confirmed by both parties. garbutt is to good just to be left to leave
Eddie Hunter, Brisbane, 2:29 AM 24/06/2015
Get in, starkfish!
Rory, London, 11:29 PM 23/06/2015
A more sensible move would be keep him at Goodison, and sell Baines, the lad is his natural successor at both club and internationally, why farm him out
Jim, Carlisle, 1:20 PM 23/06/2015
Good job Stark-fish! The North Remembers!
Teggs, Sunderland, 10:53 PM 22/06/2015
Great news this if true. Of all the business that is required through the summer, and there is plenty of it needed, this was one of the highest priorities. The lad has get a great future ahead of him and I hope it's in the royal blue. Could be a main stay for club and country for the next decade. Get McCarthy tied down and then concentrate on new faces. NSNO
John, Oxford, 6:53 PM 22/06/2015
Good move and logical all we need to do now is to replace Buzz, the Birdman sign Lennon Defalou ( can't spell his name) and get shut of traffic and get another forward!!!!!!! Oh and play to our potential EVERY week PLEEEEEEEZE
Wrighty, Dudley, 6:35 PM 22/06/2015
Nice One Starkfish! What would we do without you?
doug, Liverpool, 5:42 PM 22/06/2015
Finally, the sensible move! I actually tweeted to Everton that they should sign him up and ship him out on loan to a Prem team last week, good to see that someone in the Goodison hierarchy read my tweet! :P
Starkfish, Seoul, Korea, 8:27 AM 22/06/2015
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