The Perfect Season

As the new season approaches with the usual feeling of dread and suppressed optimism, Blue Kipper are launching a unique trip down memory lane to create the ultimate season for Everton. A week by week look back on the highlights of the last 50 years will build a fantasy season and all for £5.99 per week, special introductory price £2.99 including a free model of Bernie Wright.

Seriously, and the pressure is on to keep this going for the whole season, we aim to capture and create a look back through blue tinted glasses that will include all the big games you expect plus a few surprises.

We welcome your input and feedback on the games to be included in our perfect season, but as usual we'll probably do our own thing. Hopefully it will be a bit of fun to supplement a great 2011/12 campaign, if not it will be a pleasant reminder of why we are Evertonians.....

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27/08/88Skunks (H)3:00 PMDivision OneW 4-0Cottee (3), Sharp
31/08/82Aston Villa (H)7:45 PMDivision OneW 5-0Heath (2), Sharp (2) 1 pen, King
27/08/66redshite (H)3:00 PMDivision OneW 3-1A Ball (2) 9mins, 17 mins, S Brown 83mins
19/08/68West Ham (A)7:30 PMDivision OneW 1-4J Husband 15m, J Royle 66m, A Ball 70m, C Harvey 88m
10/09/77Leicester City (A)3:00 PMDivision OneW 1-5A King 2, B Latchford, D McKenzie, D Thomas
03/09/85Sheffield Wednesday (A)3:00 PMDivision One -