On This Day: Harry Catterick R.I.P.
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The Catt
The Catt

On this sad day in 1985 Harry Catterick collapsed and died following a heart attack at Goodison Park after Everton's 2-2 draw with Ipswich Town in the FA Cup Quarter Final.

Harry was just 65 years old.

In the replay at Ipswich, Everton wore black arm bands in memory of the legendary Everton Manager and went on to win that game 1-0 progressing on to the FA Cup Semi Final. 

R.I.P Harry and thanks for the memories and the trophies.

Comments about On This Day: Harry Catterick R.I.P.
Growing up he was the brains behind countless great teams. A Blue Legend.
Peter Creer, Whitby, Ontario Canada, @
It always intrigued me that while his trophy record was on a par with Shankly while they were both managing, he is virtually unknown. Shows that PR is as important in the making of legends as successs--not that I disliked Shankly: unlike Benitez, the man had class, and a sesnse of humour. Catterick--a calm efficient man, who produced some exquisite moments with his Everton team that linger in the memory--including that 8-0 demolition of Southampton in the snow...
Larry O'Hara, Bob Marley Towers, @
imo harry never fully got the recognition he deserved, a true great indeed !
tony morris, liverpool, @
Harry Catterick was a brilliant manager, cloak and dagger signing, and a quiet but firm manager,new the game inside out, until his heart attack a far better manager than shankly,who was loud and abrupt.There should be page on page in the Echo, but their bias would not allow it.
Harry rushton, liverpool, @
Harry was never one to give interviews, always kept his plans close to his chest and defiantly not one for the cameras. so people never got to see or hear him that’s why he was never liked by the media. When he named his team it would be in alphabetical order so no one outside the dressing room knew his formation. Sadly missed R.I.P Harry
Padda, Ashmore, @
Sorry to say some of you have got it wrong about Harry he was very wary of the press and kept out of the limelight by choice may be you need to read about him then you will fine out the truth like when naming his teams he would put them down in alphabetical order so not to give away the teams format
padda , ashmore park, @
'The Cat' was good, but did lose a few friends when he sold Bally to the Arse. Albeit for twice the price. My dear mam also passed away on this day in 1982. Lord rest them.
Colin Evans, Gloucester (WCB's)., @
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