On This Day: Walter Smith Gets The Bullet!
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Where Did It All Go Wrong?
Where Did It All Go Wrong?

On this day in 2002 Walter Smith OBE (Out Before Easter) finally got sacked after an embarrassing 3-0 away defeat in the FA Cup at Middlesborough.

The bullet was long overdue as Walter, Archie and the baseball bat headed back north across the border.

Comments about On This Day: Walter Smith Gets The Bullet!
Good riddance
Roger Percy, St Helens, @
He could not decide on a formation and basic system of playing. never hardly played players in their best position. He could not ensure that each player understood the team plan and his role. He could never get any players fit. how did he win 9 champs was it? with his tactical knowledge with rangers
a pugh, DOG HOUSE, @
Shows what a joke the spl is now he's doing well.
Richie, Kirkby, @
Nice bloke who talked a good game...Regularly played with 6 defenders, 4 at the back and two full backs in midfield. Had probably the best header of the ball in the prem (Ferguson)and no wingers. Sold two of our best young players for laughing and was even more negative than David 1 up front Moyes. Apart from that he was ok !
Chapo, Wirral, @
Ring any bells... Moyesy, sign that contract or go and let us build for next season. You are to blame for this season's fuck ups! Everything was looking quite god until you blurted off about Germany being a fantastic place to manage... oh by the way my cotract is up at the end of the season Fucking gutted with just how shit that was yesterday!
Brian, Chester, @
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