On This Day: Husband Double Not Enough
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Jimmy Scored Twice
Jimmy Scored Twice
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On this day in 1967 Everton played away at Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup Quarter Final.

Having been two nil up and cruising Everton lost 3-2 with Ian Storey-Moore scoring a second half hat-trick, the FA Cup holders were out.

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jimmy was a tremedous player for Everton, great pace and a two footed player,very good in the air and scored lots goals for fun, but two terrible fouls on him, one by Tommy Smith, against Liverpool, and another in the first ten seconds, against Panathnicos in the semi final of the European cup, which cost us the chance to be in the final.
harry, merseyside, @
I remember a game, maybe a cup game, Jimmy Husband played great. But what stands in the memory was that Jimmy tried to get to a ball in the middle of the pitch, had his legs taken away from him and still tried to retrieve the ball on his knees. I'm sure he covered maybe three or four yards on his knees. I was a St. Johns Ambulance Brigade Cadet on the Bullens Road side. Got to the games for free!! COYB
Terry Riley, Dutchland, @
I also remember that game against Panathicos Jimmy had been on fire in prior games and all the Papers were saying he was the man to watch and what happened the Greeks came out and immediatly nailed Jimmy it was unbelievable they made no effort to play the ball and the Ref did nothing. I used to watch Jimmy in the Youth team his career was to short he took a lot of punishment because he was always a danger.
George, Windsor Canada, @
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