Keep Your Hands Off Sir Whiskey Nose
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Jack done exactly what his boss had asked him to do against United. Stop Scholes and get forward when he got the chance. Well he did that and more.  It makes you wonder that maybe the gracious after defeat Sir Whiskey Nose will try and go for Jack in the summer. Not this time.

Moyesy says: "Jack was making up for a small mistake he made in mid-week. I think for now he's better doing what he did today and breaking on. His size says he must be a defensive midfielder but what he did today is what he is.

He's got good composure and technique but there are other things he needs to add to his game."

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Comments about Keep Your Hands Off Sir Whiskey Nose
in moyes we trust.no player is bigger than the club.if it has to be done you will sell your players if the price is right.so come on down those who think some billionaire is going to buy us.me thinks that a little better each year is the correct way and then maintain and build for the future of the club. i think the likes of city ,rs ,man u, will or are indeed suffering because they are paying huge amounts for glory boys who have no desire to play for the club and other lower clubs like portsmouth are way on down.i hope rodwell stays but if the lad feels he will do better elsewere then off he can go.
d barlow, l13, 6:11 PM 23/02/2010
Rodwell will go nowhere, as we have beaten Man Utd he will see that they are not as good as people say. I can understand Rooney going to United(still hate him) however knewhe would get into the team. Jack might not as Jack wants to be a midfield and United have their own talent in that position. HE WON'T GO! And we will finish ahead of Liverpool as dey are the redshite
Matthew Hindmarsh, Greasby, 1:54 PM 23/02/2010
Love to keep him but like Shrek he'll go and that's ok really as MU will buy him and pay top dollar on the basis of his run and goal against a pz poor Evans. Future England captain and his roots will ALWAYS be Everton! Moyes will use the money as he does and bring us another Heitinga and Billy and we're a stronger club. Not great to be a selling club of home grown talent but needs must and we're doing quite well on it so that's life and we'll march on and be the envy of others. Moyes, top man!
oldbadger, darn sarf 4 me sins, 9:34 PM 22/02/2010
Great player, but Fellaini is only 3 years older and plays in the same position....do we need two top quality holding midfielders or should we cash in? On the flip-side....hopefully his goal on Saturday shows he could potentially be a box-to-box type player and he and Felli can play in the same team for years to come
Nick, Gloucester, 12:35 PM 22/02/2010
Future captain and trophy lifter for the Blues
David, Prescot, 12:23 PM 22/02/2010
I dont think its worth trying to predict whether a player remains at Everton or not, as we all know deep down even the "biggest evertonian wih a massive evertonian family" can be directed to the 'Man U's' of this world by a mxture of 'money - awards - stardom' etc...i fear our Jack will be another one if we fail to find any forms of investment in the very near future, what does Bue Bill tell us every week "i am looking for investment 24/7" well i think not as this has been the same quote for the past 5 years. The best we can probably hope for from Bill is another showing of Rocky! We just need that saviour with a big cheque book like City that will return us back to were we belong. COYB.x
Kev, Huyton, 11:22 AM 22/02/2010
It was a relief when he removed his shirt during the goal celebrations. No 'once a blue always a blue' to make the heart sink
Platty, Bristol, 10:46 AM 22/02/2010
Manure would fail a credit check anyway. COYB IMWT
Steve, Hesketh Bank, 10:21 AM 22/02/2010
Don't make the same mistake as that big ugly turncoat, Shrek, stay with the blues lad, become a legend
Stu, Wallasey, 12:22 AM 22/02/2010
25 million an they can have him
kev the head, bootle, 11:14 PM 21/02/2010
stay with the mighty blues rodders, we are on the march again, in moysie we trust
pete, waterloo, 8:47 PM 21/02/2010
Become a legend in an everton shirt jack. There were 38 thousand very noisy blue noses inside goodison on saturday when we spanked united stay a true blue and help make loud and proud every week.
stan , birkenhead, 8:19 PM 21/02/2010
I hope that "Once a Blue.... doesn't come to haunt us. But saying that I think he will deffo stay. He is going to be some player
Jessie James, Skem, 3:01 PM 21/02/2010
rodwell goin nowere hes our gem do one sir whiskey nose make ur own players once a blue always a blue the future s bright the futures blue coyb
jimbo, kirkdale, 2:56 PM 21/02/2010
Rodders is going nowhere. Once a blue alwaysa a blue
Crusty, Aintree, 2:12 PM 21/02/2010
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