Steve Round To Step Up
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With David Moyes a knocking bet to leave Everton in the Summer, Blue Bill may turn to Steve Round to step up from Everton number two to take over as manager of the club, providing he doesn't follow Moyesy to Old Trafford.

David Moyes has built up his own dynasty at Finch Farm over the last 10 years or so with Steve Round, Alan Stubbs, David Weir, Kevin Sheedy and Duncan Ferguson in his backroom staff.

It's thought that Bill Kenwright will be keen to appoint from within. It will be cheap. It won't cost the club millions in compensation. Money which could be used on transfers and wages. It will also keep the disruption down to a minimum when Moyesy leaves.

Alan Stubbs could come in as the number two. Stubbsy is blue through and through and has got the Everton Under 21's playing a winning game of togger.

Roundy only played nine games as a full-back with Derby County, before being forced to retire through injury. He joined the club's coaching staff. He followed manager Steve McClaren to Middlesbrough and then England in 2006. Having built up a good reputation as a coach, Round became coach at Newcastle in 2007 when manager Sam Allardyce was appointed.

Steve Round is thought of as the quiet man at Goodison and only comes out to talk to the media after some of the League Cup games. So not much at all as we always get knocked out in the early rounds. Steve has been at Everton for 5 years. In 2008, Round joined David Moyes at Everton, replacing Alan Irvine who left to be Manager of Preston. 
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Comments about Steve Round To Step Up
Fizzer all the way for me. Despite no experience he knows the set up, the players all respect him, he loves EFC and most of all he is a winner. Come on Bill let's give him a go.
Lucky Lady, Wirral, 4:07 PM 13/05/2013
Please, Please, Please, Blue Bill, Don't even consider Lennon. Old Treacle teeth from Celtic is a Scottish version of Suarez, He can loose it easily and the players will all want to leave........
Rooky, Thailand., 3:51 PM 11/05/2013
I would only like Moyes to receive 1 minute applause before and after the game to thank him for excellent service over the past 11 years but the team and club should be given 90 minutes uninterrupted support from the best and most loyal supports in the World. ONCE A BLUE ALWAYS A BLUE. Sorry Dave you do not fit into this category.
Ken Lupton, Everton, 8:48 PM 10/05/2013
Pereira at Porto is quality. Blue Bill needs to think big and bring this guy in.
Barry, Wirral, 6:19 PM 10/05/2013
Pereira at Porto, out of contract in the summer, no compo to pay. He has done very well in Portugal and experienced in Europe. A fresh start but from someone with pedigree surely. Otherwise Di Matteo as he would also be free of compo costs.
Tyrell, Cumbria, 4:10 PM 10/05/2013
Goodbye DM and thanks for the effort. Had some good times and some bad but this is Everton and we know what to expect. Please not Round, and as much as I love 'em, not big Dunc, Stubbsy or Nev either. Just don't think they're ready. Would like Laudrup or Bobby DM tbh! As for Moyes not being allowed to take control... He's still under contract and why the fuck shouldn't he be given a send off? Not his greatest fan tactically but the guy got us outta the mess we were in after the Walter years and I'll not forget that. Good luck at Manure and please don't take Bainesy with ya... Welcome to Round tho... NSNO
Brummieblue, Ex Tuebrook, 10:04 AM 10/05/2013
Please no, not Round. I've always put DM's overly-defensive approach down to him. When Moyesey was on his own for six months in 2007-08 (after Irvine moved on to Preston) we played some of our best attacking football and had our best run in Europe. The 7-1 over Sunderland was the first game after Irvine left, Yak got 21 goals, AJ Timmy and Lescott all got 10..... then Round arrived
Ezza, High Wycombe, 12:57 AM 10/05/2013
I know it sounds a bit of a clichés but I was told about Moysie taking over from Fergie well over 6 weeks ago from a friend’s source that is linked to the club so what’s all this ‘shocked by the speed of it all’ I’m reading about. Yes I’m gutted the same as many other evertonians as Moysie is a class manager one of the best around and I’m sure will go onto and do very well after all he deserves it. The only thing I have to say is that I hope Kenwright and the rest of the board have already got the wheels in motion to find a replacement and build on the foundation that Moyes laid. It’s got to be either Laudrup or Di Matteo to take over. Bill please pay the price and get the quality Goodison deserves. Please don’t go for Mark Hughes, Lennon, Martinez or even O’Neill. And one last thing to remember…Baines to Man Utd for 14 million was on last season until RVP became available and Fergie spent his money on him. I just hope by the end of the summer Bainsey is still a blue
Barnacle Bill, At Sea, 12:00 AM 10/05/2013
Moyes shouldn't be allowed to be in charge for the last two games. Although his reign at United hasn't started he's now on their books and he should have NOTHING to do with any Everton matches. Steve Round should take over until the end of the season and Moyes should be sent packing. However, Moyes should have a farewell at Goodison this Sunday where he should get to do a lap of honour before the game so fans can thank him for the great work he's done over the last 11 years. He should then sit in the stand to watch the game. I think he has a bit of a cheek expecting to be involved especially after announcing Phil Jagielka as his captain for next season and stating he wanted Fellaini to remain at Goodison all the while knowing he would be headed down the M62 at the end of his contract. Can't wait to see how welcome he is made at United by Rooney!!
John Roberts, Australia, 11:37 PM 9/05/2013
As to not playing a the highest level etc. Am I right in thinking that Vilas Boas never played a single game of professional football...and would that be the same AVB who is currently keeping us out of European football?!
njr1330, Liverpool, 11:18 PM 9/05/2013
Not Lennon or Hughes or Martinez or Laudrup or Round or Neville or Davies or Allerdyce or Oniell . ROBERTO DI MATTEO might be up for a new job ? but Duncan Ferguson would be my choice, as nobody would dare fall out with him. Wer'e Everton and we'll be Everton Forever. Adios Mr Moyes "You better not think that you can go 11 years without a trophy at Utd", One blank year and you will be getting your Arse kicked outa there"
baz, warwick, 10:37 PM 9/05/2013
Hope Bill got Utd to promise not to let DM come back and take all our best players with him. Cant see that to be honest. Might work in our favour as DM will have loads of strikers to choose from and might loan us Wellbeck. Would maybe like to see Di Matteo given a crack at the job. Bill would go for that, as he wont have to change the initials on Davey's coats!!!!!!!
robbie o, everton, 10:25 PM 9/05/2013
Don`t go for Lennon not enough experience, manager of a team in a one club league this year which he should have had sewn up by xmas. Don`t fancy Hughes either. Think Laudrup possible good choice.
Joe, Scotland, 10:16 PM 9/05/2013
Think it would be worst think Kenwright could do is to appoint within the club at this moment in time! Say no to Round & Neville as they'd only be the same as Moyes and go with the favourites. And like Round & Neville, Stubbs or Big Dunc arent experienced enough for the job yet so i wouldnt go for one of them either!. We need someon with some experience and who's gonna come in and give every one a fresh start and a clean slate! Im starting to take a liking for the bloke at Porto, Pereira!. Cut from the same cloth as Mourinho and AVB, say no more.
Aidy, Wakefield, 10:08 PM 9/05/2013
I will kill myself if we appoint Neil Lennon. He has no class and has no place being linked with Everton. He got lucky in the champions league. Celtic should have won the scottish title by Christmas but he managed to keep that going until April. Remember Gordon Strachan?? He won titles when Rangers still had a half decent team but look what he did at middlesborough. My personal choice would be big Dunc with stubbs as his assistant. If not then i'd like to see us appoint a young manager from the lower leagues. Lee clark or possibly even Eddie Howe. I don't want a Johnny Foreigner who has no idea what Everton are about and please Bill don't even think about Hughes. Remember Bill Lennon and you've got a death on your hands
John Presho, Belfast, 9:42 PM 9/05/2013
Good luck DM thanks for all that you have done for our great club. Now, one final job, as Whiskey nose has recommended you, please make a recomendation to our board that Neil lennon must not take over at our club. Thats all. Thank you
Dave, Preston, 9:19 PM 9/05/2013
If Laudrup was willing to jump ship after just a year at Swansea, when he's won a cup, finished mid-table, and got European football to look forward to next season, is he really the kind of man you'd want managing your club? We don't know much at all about Steve Round, but he's got more coaching experience than Stubbs, Dunc and Neville. Maybe he's worth a shot.
Simon, Halifax, 9:15 PM 9/05/2013
Its hip to be Round or is it Square ! People think he is a Square in a Round hole !, but have any us been in the dressing room and seen his contribution, Moyes doesnt tolerate slackers, so he must have some important contributions I have a feeling that Moyes might take Round with him to Utd, as its someone he would be more comfortable with, as oppose to dealing with Mike Phelan who might find matters a little awkward. As for a replacement and a sporting bet, lets get ....Mourinho! ok i have had a few Chang, but maybe Bill gets us new owners !, maybe he gets us new funding ! and entices the special one ! maybe the Roo returns !. What i am really saying before someone slaughters me, is that anything is possible in football, if that was not the case David Moyes would not now be Utds future Manager. Chill out lads and lets see what magic Bill can deliver, he got it right last time. Whose Round ?, oh my Round ?, more Chang please, i'll Square up later ! Nicely chilled please
LES, PHUKET, 9:11 PM 9/05/2013
What about Lee Clark currently at Birmingham. Young British manager broke the football league unbeaten record at Huddersfield going 47 undefeated and has done a decent job at Birmingham with his hands tied with a transfer embargo, similar credentials to what Moyes had when he came.
Paul, Fazakerley, 9:08 PM 9/05/2013
Please listen to the fans Bill. Not Hughes or Lennon, we need someone to push on from the wonderful work done by Moyes. Laudrup would be my choice.
Matthew , Saltburn, 8:54 PM 9/05/2013
Why do sky sports news etc think is was such a shock that Whiskey nose retired. To me this was a well known fact in the football world and thats why Moyes said he would leave it to the end of the season to make his mind up, he knew what was happening and thats why he didnt sign a new contract. It makes us look a very poor club letting another one announce their managers retirement and then poaching our manager. They could have all waited until the end of the season and it would have been more respectable. Let Moyes go now and let Round take over for the last 2 games then appoint a new manager. Martinez or Bilic would do for me but defo not Hughes, he will never make it as a manager.
John, St.Helens, 8:52 PM 9/05/2013
@ bored at work Well said
bill, st annes, 8:47 PM 9/05/2013
It gets worse Mark Hughes NOO
Jay, L4, 8:38 PM 9/05/2013
As J Heston said "I do not want Martinez or Oneill, Allardyce ,Mark Hughes , Or any other clowns at the club". I've got to agree, if anyone wanted them they would have all been snapped up now by the other so called Top Clubs. This TOP Club says NO to them.
Jay Tee, Sefton, 7:57 PM 9/05/2013
Look, whoever takes this job,they need to be able to replace most of this squad in the next two years.Take a gander at their ages.Feli wants away,probably desperately, now that DM is going.Baines only has a couple of years of his pace left in his legs. Jags and Buzz are aging fast,likewise Ossie and Hibbo.Tim will need cover from now on,better than Jan. OK, so Duffers and Stones are in the bag.Bryan looks OK too.With a bit of luck DM will persuade his mate Naismith to go to Utd too. This squad with a few tweaks are good enough to prosper for a couple of seasons,but DMs successor will need to bring quality players in,all on a shoestring.
R Gordon, Weatherfield, 7:27 PM 9/05/2013
Realise people, we have no money. We're getting no compo for Moyesy. Laudrup will cost money plus he won't want to leave a well run club. So it be either Martin O'Neill, Mark Hughes or Round. I'd like Bilic or Laudrup but they both have jobs. JUST NO MARTINEZ. He's like a foreign David Brent.Idiot
Derek, plumstead, 6:36 PM 9/05/2013
I think a lot of people are seriously underestimating the character of Stubbs and Weir. Better them than Martinez, who's teams can never grasp basic defending.
Dave Kelly, Blackburn, 6:27 PM 9/05/2013
We won't be any wiser before July on a new manager. This is Everton and we excell at shooting ourselves in the foot!! Hope i am wrong, but anyway, I'm mourning our loss to the scummy red mancs, and wont be talking to the in laws for while cos they are all manc red necks!!!
alan, wa2, 6:13 PM 9/05/2013
Eh. Slaven Bilic all the way. 6 years experience coaching his national team and now in the Russian League. And he's a blue through and through. Oh, and he'll get the best out of Jellyfish. As for Mark Hughes- please go away.
Cup o Tae, Belfast, 5:33 PM 9/05/2013
I'd be amazed if we appoint Round or any other combination of the current back-room boys - though Neville is held in such very high regard at the club that I could imagine him being appointed with a father figure (Big Joe, or Walter, perhaps) to work alongside him for a year or two. Personally I'd go with Martinez. I can't understand the negativity about him from some people on here. Keeping Wigan in the PL until now has been a recurring minor miracle. The guy is managing a tiny club, with a handful of fans, and doing it on a shoestring. Wigan is a stepping-stone destination for any decent players, and always will be. He continually unearths cheap talent. His teams play the game properly. He's great with the media. He can work to a budget. He is loyal...and he turned down the Reds, which shows his class! What's not to love? Laudrup has some good qualities but we would be at risk of him moving on to a European giant if he succeeded - I'd prefer to invest my hopes and affection in someone who might stick around, and who will see Goodison as a place to build a career for life.
dave, nannerch, 5:19 PM 9/05/2013
Phil Neville? Alan Stubbs? Great team players but appointing someone who has no managerial experience at a high level ... Really? Surely the club is bigger than that. Martinez has done a decent job at a rubbish club with no fans. Don't see Laudrup wanting to make that switch. Two biggest worries: appointing someone with little experience or a foreigner with no experience of Premier League. Worrying times indeed. Long live the Blues.
Mark, London, 4:59 PM 9/05/2013
let me get this straight - man Utd's new manager is in charge of the Everton first team until the end of the season - only at goodison could this happen - what crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben Grant, Liverpool, 4:34 PM 9/05/2013
No way can Steve Round do the job... REMEMBER COLIN HARVEY !!!!
Phil, Formby, 4:21 PM 9/05/2013
I am one of our supporters who has faith in Bill Kenwright to make the decision that is best for our Club. BK has something in common with all of us - born a Blue, will die a Blue - he is a fan, and it matters to him, like it matters to us. I am happy to put my faith in whoever is appointed as manager, whether it be someone from within or not!
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 4:17 PM 9/05/2013
We hit lucky with DM arrival back then, could've failed but Blue Bill won the jackpot for us but it is obvious to all there are no British managers worthy of this job. I was so pleased when Mike Walker arrived and that didn't take long to fuck up so i'd love to see someone from the continent take it as they have shown many times they are more tactically aware and can attract flair players. Please no more Dogs of War stuff and Laudrupp and Ponchitienno seem to being playing good stuff in the Premier so please not Lennon, Hughes etc. We all have a few more weeks of sleepless nights because WE wont headhunt while the season is still running as WE have the class to be decent unlike some others.
Alan, Hinckley, 3:35 PM 9/05/2013
Hope round follows Moyes through the door, time for a fresh approach.
Pete, Wavertree, 3:24 PM 9/05/2013
If Round is appointed manager, we may as well just pack up and go home. Phil Neville would be the best bet.
Forget the Eighties, Preston, 2:26 PM 9/05/2013
Who says we don't have the money to get a top manager? Moyes was the 3rd best paid in the league so I am sure there will be a few after the job. Worry is that we will promote from within and that will be bad.
Gary, Huyton, 2:20 PM 9/05/2013
I don't think our current back-room staff have the stuff to make it as a manager. Stubbs & Weir may get the team playing but I can't see them having the grit to turn things around when it gets bad during a game, they just come off quiet and unassuming. Dunc on the other hand has all the personality and passion but may lack the tactical nouse to formulate a winning team. Only option is to appoint from outside the club. Personally, I think Bilic would be a hit and the type of manager to bring us a trophy. Unsworth might make a good manager in a few years after he's learnt the ropes with the Blades.
Neil, Aigburth, 1:58 PM 9/05/2013
We will be linked with every high profile manager in Europe, one by one being turned down by them all, whilst being told we will be happily surprised by who is in the pipeline, Baines, Fellaini and Jags will follow Moyes to Old Trafford, on transfer deadline day Round and Stubbs will be revealed as the dream team, but with no time to sign anyone....this is Everton after all!!
Spoffy, Work, 1:53 PM 9/05/2013
Money talks at the end of the day. Difficult job for Round to take if he sticks around but you never know....... Theres a lot of jobless managers out there but can Bill offer a contract to lure the best possible candidate, whoever that is! Also according to Sky Dave Whelan has questioned if we have the stature to tempt Martinez away......... Shows what getting in to an FA cup final can do to an old mans brain
Alex W, Liverpool, 1:35 PM 9/05/2013
Just how long is this farce going to continue? BTW - we don't have any say whatsoever in who will be the next manager
Andrew, lunch, 1:17 PM 9/05/2013
I would like to see Laudrup take over , If not I would love to see Peter Reid with Big Dunc as his right hand man, It would lift the place . I do not want Martinez or Oneill, Allardyce ,Mark Hughes , Or any other clowns at the club. We are a top 6 team and we have the choice of who has the Privilege to run our club ! make he right decision Bill . NO CLOWNS !
J Heston, Crosby, 1:16 PM 9/05/2013
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE NOT MARTINEZ!!! He's crap. Wigan should be well safe by now but they're probably going down. Round? NO!!! He's got no pedigree. Look what happened the last time we appointed a number 2 to number 1, with a true blue in the backroom staff - Colin Harvey and Mike Lyons. Disaster! Laudrup is the only manager in England or Scotland with anything like enough quality for us. If (and it's a massive 'if') he did come it'd be for 3 or 4 years tops - he wants to go to Real Madrid. Other than that, it's take-your-pick of managers from abroad. Depressing.
Rich H, Barnsley, 1:10 PM 9/05/2013
Before some of you canonise Martinez, I'd guess Wigan will get hammered on Saturday, also relegated in the following week. So what price his flair and tactical nous then? He'll stay with the piemen, hopefully, all the way down until daft Dave sacks him.
Win, Stafford, 12:42 PM 9/05/2013
Always thought Martinez had good credentials,but lost a great deal of credibility for him and also the Chairman Dave Whelan,when they both defended Conor McManaman after that horrific career threatening excuse of a Kamikaze tackle on the Newcastle United player at the DW Stadium.You could never imagine Moyes to be so obviously ridiculous in defending the indefensible if an Everton player had committed the same assault,because that is what it equated to.My gut feeling though is that the Spanish Frankie Valli may well get the invite to take up the reigns,with a dark horse pairing of Weir/Ferguson a close second.As for our nearly departing Manager,David thank you from the bottom of my royal blue being,you have been a rock when it could so easily have become rubble,you have always maintained your dignity in trying and testing times,and yes we all would have loved a trophy or two,but consistency and salvation is what our ribbons were tied to,the lines between success and failure are more marginal than ever now,and our derby games so easily could have been with our cousins at Tranmere,yes interesting and pensive times await,yes he's on his way down the East Lancashire Road with red hair,but this is the time when we truly should Care as choppy waters just might be gathering.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 12:26 PM 9/05/2013
Massive gamble. There's obviously a big difference in going from assistant to the main man, as we ourselves know from Colin Harvey. Nothing whatsoever against Round, but this is a club sitting 6th in the league - we have got a lot to lose. Its not as if we're sitting 17th. Scary thing is you may have hit the nail on the head when you said the word "cheap" - seems to be the efc way these days... Personally would like to see Martinez. Or Mourinho!
Pete, South coast, 11:37 AM 9/05/2013
Dave Smith in Speke, how many conversations have you had with Round? 50? 100? or none? My guess is the latter which is why your comment is utter tripe. You don't know that about the lad. He seems quiet from the outside but he doesn't understand the game, if that was the case he wouldn't have been an England coach (admittedly it was with the Wally with the Brolley but he still got the job because he deserved it) If he was so inept he would have been found out by now. I dont want him as our next manager but your assassination of his character is bang out of order, especially as you don't know any of its true. Besides, FA Cup quarter final 2009, Boro at home and we are getting beat at half time. We went on to put in a fantastic second half performance and ended up in the final. Moyes and the players all came out and said Round was inspirational at half time. Berated the players for how they were playing and inspired them to up their game and win that match and go on to the next round. So clearly he does have that in his locker. Like I said I dont want him in, would prefer Laudrup, Periera or Martinez, but dont slag the guy off if you've never met him.
Bored, Work, 11:06 AM 9/05/2013
Dave Smith. Do you think Steve Round is boring by any chance?
Jamie, Newcastle, 10:34 AM 9/05/2013
Depends if Round want it or not, not all coaches are good leaders. I'd like to see Peter Reid return to management with Stubbs stepping up as coach with Big Dunc. Please not Martinez or any of the other names being speculated about. I wander how Andy Gray is doing.....
Gary, Thailand, 10:29 AM 9/05/2013
Dave Smith, Speke, he's not my first choice but hardly played the game? Mourinho played 94 professional games and I'm sure you'd agree he's a good manager...
RJ, Liverpool, 10:15 AM 9/05/2013
I'd rather see Big Dunc step up......even if he has no formal experience.
Dave Robinson, Berkshire, 10:04 AM 9/05/2013
Not unless whispering into your headset is a legitimate management technique...
Steve, FinchFarm, 9:57 AM 9/05/2013
Steve Round appears to have all the credentials to make sure Everton end up in the abyss of Division Two within a couple of years. He is boring, has hardly played the game, doesn't understand the game, he's boring, he's a Moyes lackey, he's boring, he can write loads of little notes to himself, he has no skill, no attributes and he's boring
Dave Smith, Speke, 9:53 AM 9/05/2013
Round always comes across as a decent bloke, and I get the impression he is an excellent coach with a very close working relationship with Moyes, although this suggests that he might follow him to Man U. I think it would be a big risk if he did become manager as I think he really ought to have proven himself at a smaller club first. One positive we can take from all this, though, and I truly believe this, is that Moyes will be leaving Everton as a genuinely exciting prospect for a young manager ready to take the next step up, and I don't think you can say that about any of the other big clubs - by that I mean someone can come in knowing, as long as he can deliver the results (and maybe even a trophy) on limited resources, he will have stability, the backing of his chairman and the support of the best, most loyal fans in the Premier League. That's why I think we need to be looking at the likes of Laudrup, di Matteo, Mackay and Martinez right now. However, they really need to name someone before the end of the season, and on the board's previous dithering form, I'm not 100% sure that will happen...
Dave Tudor, Shrewsbury, 9:51 AM 9/05/2013
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