Jack To See Nerve Specialist
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Jack Rodwell is set to see a nerve specialist due to his repeated hamstring injuries as the backroom staff look to get him back to fitness.

Our Jack has been on the sidelines for long spells this term, with four separate setbacks with his hamstrings this season. Impacting on his form, progress and £20m valuation.

Steve Round has confirmed that everything is being done to remedy Jack's problems.

Steve Round said: 'I am speaking much more on behalf of David Moyes these days - (he didn't really)'

'We think it is something to do with the nervous system and are exploring that avenue.'

'We owe it to him to make sure that we are doing the right thing and it maybe that a summer's rest or an injection into a nerve to get the inflammation down helps. He is working really hard to strengthen his hamstring, and we won't finish him for the season.'

'We have to keep him going, we have to try and re-strengthen and make sure that he is doing all the right things to prevent. Jack seems okay, he seems quite strong and will overcome that. It is just a case of easing him off at the minute and easing him back.'

'Once he gets into the team and gets a run, he will improve. Jack is at the stage where he needs to be a regular. This has set him back a little bit but I have confidence he is going to be a top player.'

Definitely a frustrating season for Our Jack, just when we hoped he would kick on to become a first team regular for Everton and England, it has not happened.



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Comments about Jack To See Nerve Specialist
The lad has hardly had a decent run down to a) injuries and b) Moyes bewildering tactics. So I'd like to see him get over these niggling injuries and have a good run and see what the lad can do with a bit of confidence and momentum.
Tony, Was L3...., 11:40 AM 22/03/2012
Rodwell has great technique and talent but I've always thought he doesn't have the guile to dominate a midfield.
dw, Elsewhere, 12:35 AM 22/03/2012
Go to most of the games. Rodwell, when fit, is one of our best players. Talk of 'cashing in on him' is on the same level as players leaving for big money. Rooney, Lescott etc. We can't condemn if we are guilty of looking to 'cash-in' on players. Personally, I would like to see him stay-he is a great player.
mjc, kent, 5:32 PM 21/03/2012
Let me put some of you straight, no one wants to get injured and the price tag is from the media not him, i think it must be very frustrating for him at this time in his career, he is a physical specimen, strong, with pace when injury free,( rememember the goal against Utd), can shoot (remember the two in the UEFA cup) we need that type of Rodwell back, he still has alot of possibilities, so all this talk of cashing in is nonsense, and whats he worth anyway whilst injured. Dont forget Reidy had two broken legs and was a crock- Andy Gray also before they came to Everton, and look what they achieved for us, so lets not write Rodwell off just yet at 21 ! ! Onwards and upwards the Blues
LES, PHUKET, 4:59 PM 21/03/2012
Lads that age shouldn't be pulling hamstrings. I've never pulled one in 40years playing Sunday league and running every day. Get rid. Overated and too crab like in midfield. Coulndt shine 17year old Rooney boots.
Macca, Speke, 3:59 PM 21/03/2012
It looks like he's injury prone. Once hamstrings start going like that they never improve. I don't think he'll ever realise his promise now, pity.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 12:00 PM 21/03/2012
You could see in the mini derby he wasn't fit. So what possessed Moyes into playing him in the 1st team a week later is anyone's guess!
David, Liverpool, 11:27 AM 21/03/2012
Why play him in the derby then?
Ste, Liverpool, 10:12 AM 21/03/2012
Personally I would cash in on him now. Rarely has a consistently good level of performance. Can be very negative and get lost in games and if we could get 20mil for him. Then its a deal i would be willing to take. Then use most of this on a quality creative midfielder or winger.
Jamie, Newcastle, 9:14 AM 21/03/2012
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