Jan Demand Talks
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Blues second string keeper Jan Mucha has had enough of playing second fiddle to Tim Howard and is demanding talks with Moyesy so he can move on in the summer.

In fairness to Jan he admits no promise of first team football was ever given to him when he signed, but with just two first team appearances all season, Jan has just now had enough.

Jan said: 'I thought I would be in a better situation than I am in reality.

On the other hand, I must say that nobody had promised me anything before my arrival.

Anyway, I have asked manager Moyes if we could have a talk about the entire situation. We should sit down on the upcoming Friday and discuss my position.

I will consider my future according to what he has to tell me. If Tim extends his contract and I will continue to be regularly on the bench, I will start to look for a new club."

The thing is that in the Premier League we are not sitting high in the table and also because of that the manager has decided to focus more on the FA Cup, where he wants to succeed.

That is why we have been starting with the best possible line-up in cup games and Howard has been the preferred choice.

So far I have earned just two appearances in the Carling Cup and since the last one I have only been on the bench.

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Comments about Jan Demand Talks
I would give him another game - I think Howard is a bit of a weak link - ok he makes a few spectacular saves but he isn't Neville Southall is he..?
Griff, Essex, 9:51 AM 9/02/2011
Goalkeeper can be a tough position. At least outfield you have a chance to come on as a sub. Keepers don't seem to get too many injuries compared to outfield players and this also limits opportunities. I was surprised when Jan joined us as he is an international and should be first choice somewhere but Tim was always going to be first choice! If Jan decides to move on to get playing time that's totally understandable.
Drew , Cardiff, 4:57 PM 8/02/2011
Jan, if you move on, best of luck ~
Adolf, Hong Kong, 2:56 PM 8/02/2011
I can understand the lads frustration as Howard has hardly covered himself in glory this season. Personally I would have dropped him at least twice this season. He was far too easily beaten at his near post in the Blackpool game too! I think it speaks volumes about Jan that he hasn't been whining to the press about his lack of chances and wish him nothing but the best if he feels his future lies away from Goodison.
Delian, At Home, 12:31 PM 8/02/2011
How old is Jan? If he is only young (ish) then he should maybe ask Moyes for a loan to the Championship for at least a full season or two. Get himself some games, some form and a bit of confidence and then come back and have a crack at getting in the first team when Howard is nearing his twilight years.
Paul H, Walton, 11:57 PM 7/02/2011
Its been a long time since Tim Howard has kept a clean sheet, So why not give Mucha a game? He is also an International Goalkeeper and its beyond me why he ever agreed to join Everton...he knew howard was on form and that he would probabaly be sitting on the bench or even in the reserves... Give the lad a few games he cant do any worse than Howard who has already let in a hatfull of goals already this season and very rarely comes off his line...O`h how I miss the days of Big Nev standing in goal and plucking them out of the air in a crowded Penalty area...
Richy Styles, Kirkdale, 10:09 PM 7/02/2011
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