Rodders Out For a Month
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Jack Rodwell could be out of Everton action for up to a month if the rumour mill is true. The knock on the ankle he sustained in the Villa defeat is a bit more serious than was first thought.

If true this will be a massive blow to Moyesy as Jack the Lad was once again in top form,  putting in a man of the match performance against Huddersfield in the Carling Cup, then bossing the midfield against Villa on Sunday.

He could miss games against manure, The Skunks and Fulham in the next month or so.

Rodders has had a busy time of it of late. Linked with a move away from Goodison to manure over the Summer, and also a bunk up to Fabio's first eleven he has been back page news all the way through for the Everton midfield star.

Get fit soon Jack, you are very much needed and wanted.

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Comments about Rodders Out For a Month
Jack the lad is not as crocked as we may think. All signs show he will be fit for the next game. Dont worry, i am a doctor...
Dr Know, Hozzie, 9:10 AM 1/09/2010
Bossing the midfield??? Come on, have a minute!
Blue Dan, Wigan, 12:26 PM 31/08/2010
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