Lambanana Photos
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Everton’s Superlambanana arrived at Goodison Park on Sunday 15th June 2008. Named "The Super St Domingo Lamb Banana" it is one of 119 replica Superlambananas that are on show across the city. It will be on view next to the Dixie Dean staue to celebrate the city’s Capital of Culture year. The Superlambanana was originally created by Japanese artist Taro Chiezo, 10 years ago. This one is was painted by Candida Boyes. You only have 10 weeks to see it and get your photos sent in to Blue Kipper. Send Your Lambanana photos by e-mail

Lambanana 20
Where?: Everton Lambanana's Across Merseyside

Who's in the photos: Wembley / Luke / Millie Lea / Harry & Ava /
Everton Lambanana 19
Where?: Blues With Our Lambanana

Who's in the photos: Charlie & Joe / Alex Fiona Lucy & Adam / Bethany & Matthew / Callum / Margaret / Oliver Jack and Joshua /
Everton Lambanana 18
Where?: Blues Go Mad For The Everton Lambanana

Who's in the photos: Jack / Joe & Johnny / Harvey / Paul /